How to Light Your Man Cave on a Budget


Man caves are a way to escape from life and enjoy the pastimes that make you light up inside. When you walk into a man cave you notice a few staples like sports memorabilia, a pool table, or a bar. Although a man cave may be a way to escape, it can also rack up quite the energy bill. An easy way to save money on a man cave is to use energy efficient lighting.

LED T8 Tubes:

Not all man caves are tucked away, but the majority of man caves are in a garage, basement, or barn. TCP’s LED T8 Tubes are the ideal replacement for any 4ft fluorescent tubes you may have in your current ceiling lighting fixtures. These energy efficient tubes do not flicker or strobe when you turn them on! No rewiring is needed. They have a 50,000 hour rated life to save you time on replacing lights. More time saved on replacements means more time for lounging in your man cave.

A Fun Lamp That Matches Your Personality

Nothing says man cave like a fun decorative lamp. There are a lot of different options out there for you. A classic Hawaii hula girl dancing or a tiffany style lamp with your favorite sports team logo on it could be your match. You can take the DIY route and make your own bottle lamp. Check out this great how to video on making your own bottle lamp. Another great option is the famous leg lamp from the classic Christmas movie A Christmas Story. Don’t forget to use one of our LED A-Lamps options to light up the lamp and save money on your energy bill!

A Man-Approved Candle:

Believe it or not there are man-scented candles. Man Cave™ Man Candles are a creative way to add a special ambiance to man caves. These candles are created with eco-friendly soy wax, eco-friendly cotton wicks, and recycled packaging. They have a variety of fun scents like Dad’s Den, Barber Shoppe and even Bacon! Use these to make your man cave smell great and help add that extra touch of light in the room.

All in all, a man cave should be a place you can forget about your worries – including your energy bills. Remember to use our LED T8 tubes in your lighting fixtures, an A-lamp in your cool table lamp, and a man-scented candle to add flair to the room. Can you think of more energy saving tricks to light a man cave on a budget?


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