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Home Entryway Lighting Trends

Oct 28, 2019

Entryway lighting is one of the best ways to set an immediate tone for the rest of your home without redesigning the entire space. Consider how you want your home to feel as soon as you walk in. Crisp and clean? Low and cozy? Warm and inviting? The right lighting can make it happen.

What about the entryway light fixtures themselves? You can choose something ornate, like a multi-tiered chandelier or pendant lighting, or you can keep it simple and hidden with recessed lighting in the ceiling. Just like with any room or space, adding multiple types of lighting creates layers that are pleasing to the eye.

Whichever lighting styles you choose, let them be intentional–first impressions are important!

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TCP offers a wide variety of entryway lighting fixtures and bulbs. These LEDs last for decades, stand up to high-traffic areas and add high-quality style to your home’s entryway, hallway, portico or breezeway.

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Front Entrance Indoor Lighting

When it comes to lighting for your entryway, there are plenty of options to choose from. The one that’s best for your space will depend on size, personal style, and the purpose of the lights.

– Chandeliers

If you want your entryway to feel luxe and glamorous, classic, or even vintage, choose a chandelier. Chandeliers for the foyer come in a wide range of styles, so you are bound to find one that suits your personal style. When choosing the light fixture, make sure you consider the size of your entryway and select a chandelier that is proportional to the space.

To select the right length for a chandelier, choose a fixture that is two to three inches long for every foot in height of the room. So, an entryway with twelve-foot ceilings would look best with a chandelier between 24 and 36 inches long.

Chandeliers require many lightbulbs, so consider small LED candle-style bulbs to avoid frequent replacements or other maintenance hassles. LED bulbs also require less energy than traditional bulbs, so you will be helping the planet and saving money on your electricity bill.

– Pendant Lights

Pendants can be a modern and eye-catching addition to your entryway. You can opt to use a pendant like a chandelier–a singular pendant as the lighting focal point of the space. This draws the eye upward and gives the feeling of taller ceilings–all without a costly renovation!

– Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a favorite for designers working with small, or even nonexistent, entryway rooms. Since they are mounted to the wall, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere without cluttering up entryway surfaces, like a table or credenza. They are also more suitable to a small space than a chandelier or pendant might be.

Additionally, wall sconces are a great option for rentals, where bigger lighting projects may not be allowed. You can find plug-in sconces that can be mounted to the walls with damage-free or low-damage hardware, then hide the cord behind other entryway furniture and decor.

Depending on the mood you want to build in your entryway, you can choose from a variety of bulbs and color temperatures. Warm color temperatures tend to lend a cozy or vintage feel to a space, while cooler temperatures feel minimal and modern.

Hallway Lighting Ideas

Hallway lighting tips and ideas must be as unique as the space they’re meant for. Long and narrow, hallways can sometimes be challenges for even the savviest home designers.

That doesn’t mean a hallway can’t have plenty of style. Wall-mounted fixtures, like sconces, are a great way of incorporating a personal touch without taking up any surface area space. Candelabra-style sconces with candle-like light bulbs will give your hall an old-world feeling, or go for an industrial look with brushed metal or iron fixtures with LED Edison bulbs.

Types of Wall Light Fixtures

Wall-mounted lighting is a popular choice for entryways, especially for ones with low square footage. These entryway light fixtures come in a variety of styles and tones, and when paired with the right light bulb, can transform the appearance and mood of your foyer or entryway hall.

Some different types of wall light fixtures include:

  • Flush-mounted wall washers (also known as half moon)
  • Swing-arm wall lights
  • Wallchieres
  • Lantern wall sconces
  • Candle sconces
  • Picture and sign lights

Some wall sconces, like wallchieres and lantern wall sconces, are highly decorative and guaranteed to be a stand-out stylistic element in your hallway. Others, like half-moon sconces, are subtle, leaving room for other elements in the hall, like art and furniture, to shine.

Outdoor Entryways

The most common varieties of outdoor entryway lighting include outdoor wall lights, flush-mount ceiling lights, and recessed lighting. Outdoor lighting fixtures should also be designed to stand up to wet conditions if there is any chance they’ll encounter rain, snow, or fog.

If you have an overhand or roof over your entry, ceiling lights will work well. If your front entrance is open, attractive porch lights on either side of the door can provide a welcoming glow.

If you have a small entryway area, a few downlights or sconces will do the trick. For a large porch, opt for many small, warm lights and path lights, rather than one or two bright, cool ones for the most pleasant, attractive appearance from your exterior lighting.

Where to Buy Entryway Lighting

At TCP, we have been experts in all things lighting for over 20 years. We control every aspect of the production of our lamps, from design to distribution. For energy savings and quality lighting that lasts, look to our LED and CFL light bulbs.

Come to us for your entryway lighting needs. You can contact us directly with questions and custom requests, or shop our products at The Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, and more.

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