TCP High Lumen LED Filaments vs The Competition

Apr 29, 2022

TCP High Lumen LED Filaments vs Competitor Copycats

Remember when HID lights were considered the best option for lighting a large commercial space? It doesn’t seem that long ago. Everything changed when a new product came along – corn cob LED lights. These versatile bulbs produced bright illumination, like HID light bulbs, but lasted much longer and used way less energy. 

Recently, an innovative new light hit the market and it’s already a game-changer. High lumen LED filament lamps are the next big thing in commercial lighting. Not only are their benefits hard to beat, they’re designed to outshine, outperform, and replace HID metal halide lamps and corn cob LEDs, too. 

You may have already guessed they’re more energy efficient and longer lasting than HID lights, due to their LED technology. And they don’t require a cumbersome ballast to operate like HID bulbs.

But what makes high lumen LED filaments superior to corn cob LEDs? 

  • Smaller size and classic HID shape fits in more fixtures
  • Less heat produced during operation leads to fewer failures and risks
  • Use in open or enclosed fixtures for endless applications
  • Produces significantly less glare 
  • 360° beam angle for better light spread 
  • Universal burning position; use base up, base down, or horizontal       

A few lighting manufacturers, including TCP, developed their own variations of high lumen LED filaments. The general technology may be the same between brands, but that’s where most similarities end. Bulbs are made according to different guidelines and standards per manufacturer, which means quality varies from one brand to the next. Specific features also vary a bit between brands. So how do you know which one to choose?

When TCP was developing their high lumen LED filaments, the bar was raised exceptionally high. All the hard work and effort paid off, because TCP’s new bulbs exceed industry standards and are arguably the best ones available. 

To give you a better idea, we compared copycat bulbs to the ones manufactured by TCP. Yes, there are similar features, but some notable benefits make TCP’s version shine brighter and perform better than the competition. Take a look at what we discovered.                            

Copycat Bulb #1

The first competitor bulb we looked at seemed to check most boxes. Size and shape matched other high lumen LED filaments, including TCP’s version. It was easy to install and did not require a ballast. The bulb was made of glass, and available either clear or frosted. 

Then we noticed these specific features that were slightly different from TCP’s bulb:

  • Up to 167 lumens per watts
  • 4000K and 5000K color temperatures
  • 300° beam angle
  • 25,000 hours rated life

These are all good features, but not as good as what TCP developed for their high lumen LED filaments. The most notable discrepancy between TCP’s bulb and this one is lifespan. This one lasts only 25,000 hours, while the one made by TCP lasts 50,000 hours. That’s twice as long! 

Copycat Bulb #2

This bulb comes from another top name in the lighting industry. Similar to the first bulb, this particular high lumen LED filament appeared to be the proper size and shape. Its glass was only available in a frosted version. Clear glass was not an option. 

Regarding luminosity, color temperature, and lifespan, this bulb was also very comparable to the first bulb we critiqued. This one has a 360° beam angle, so light distribution is better than bulb #1.   

So what’s the final conclusion? These two copycat imitators seem like satisfactory bulbs. They both deliver on energy savings, which is important. But, they can’t compare to TCP’s bulb for brightness, efficacy, lifespan, color temperature range, or size options.   

TCP’s High Lumen LED Filaments

As we mentioned earlier, the experts at TCP raised the bar during this bulb’s development phase. Certain features put this high lumen LED filament in a league of its own. 

First up is luminosity. This is the first filament lamp featuring 200 lumens per watt. If you need exceptional brightness for your warehouse, manufacturing plant, loading dock, or parking lot, this bulb delivers. 

Next is color temperature. TCP’s high lumen LED filaments are available in three color temperature options – 2200K, 4000K, 5000K. The competitor versions have only one or two choices.

And finally we get to lifespan. TCP’s new bulbs have the potential to last up to 50,000 hours. That’s almost double the lifespan of the other bulbs we looked at, which adds up to even more long-term savings.    

TCP Outshines the Competition 

With decades of lighting experience, TCP knows a thing or two about quality. If you have a large commercial space in need of a lighting update, we can help. HID lights and corn cob LED lighting have limitations which can impact quality, efficiency, and reliability. 

Discover how high lumen LED filaments can benefit your commercial space. Talk to a lighting expert today! Learn more  


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