High Lumen LED Filament Lamps

Apr 15, 2022

High Lumen LED Filament Lamps vs Competitor Lamps

Facility managers have neverending to-do lists, especially if they manage a large commercial space. Making sure a building’s interior is properly maintained takes plenty of time, effort and multitasking. Let’s not forget the outdoor spaces that need constant attention, too – parking lots and garages, paths and walkways, outdoor loading docks and more. 

Lighting is a top priority for commercial building maintenance. There always seems to be a light somewhere in a distant corner that needs bulb replacement. Quite often, the lights are not that easy to reach, and require getting on a lift that’s heavy and hard to maneuver. This is why commercial spaces are always searching for lighting that’s reliable and long-lasting. 

Old and outdated incandescent or fluorescent bulbs simply can’t provide a bright and long-lasting light source compared to other options. For years, commercial buildings and outdoor spaces relied on HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps for the brightest illumination. A lot of spaces still use HID lamps, but they have some new competition from the world of LED – corn cob LED lamps, and high lumen LED filaments.

Each type of commercial lighting has pros and cons, plus unique features and benefits. This only makes it more confusing when deciding what’s the best choice for a large space. To simplify things a bit, we’re going to briefly explain each lighting option. We’ll try not to be biased, but if you’re looking for maximum energy efficiency, versatility and reliability, high lumen LED filaments are the best solution.               

Corn Cob LED Lighting Replacements

These LED lights with the easy-to-remember name are efficient alternatives for HID lighting. You’re probably wondering why they’re called corn cobs. They get their unusual name from their unique appearance. Each corn cob bulb is designed with multiple rows of individual light diodes. This arrangement kind of resembles corn on the cob.  

What makes corn cob LED lighting so special? They were one of the first LEDs designed to replace outdated, inefficient HID lights, and they’ve been a success for the most part. One reason they’re so popular is the quality of light they produce. HID users who were once skeptical of corn cob lights are now glad they made the switch.   

HID bulbs emit incredibly bright light to illuminate parking lots, stadiums, warehouses, and other exceptionally large spaces. But their luminosity tends to fade after only a few months of use. Corn cob LEDs emit light that’s as bright, or brighter than HID, and they have a lifespan that lasts significantly longer. 

Corn cobs have another big benefit over HID lights – energy efficiency. Users who have switched over from HID claim drastically reduced utility bills after installing corn cob LED replacements.            

HID Light Bulbs

Illuminating a vast area requires bright, powerful light. For decades, HID light bulbs have been the workhorse providing bright lighting for countless commercial and industrial applications. Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs never were able to produce light with such incredible brightness. However, HID lights do require frequent replacement once their luminosity diminishes. And they may need occasional ballast repairs to operate properly.

Plenty of commercial applications continue to use HID lighting because they feel it’s a reliable light source for their needs. They may be uncomfortable investing in new lighting, not knowing how it will compare to HID. Another reason for staying with HID may simply be the cost. HID light bulbs are generally less expensive than LED replacement bulbs. But with constant maintenance and repairs, plus high utility bills, HID lighting’s long-term expenses overshadow the initial savings. 

High Lumen LED Filaments 

These recently developed LEDs are considered an industry breakthrough with their advanced technology and innovative design. Similar to corn cob LED lights, high lumen LED filaments are an excellent replacement for HID metal halide lighting. 

In addition to being energy efficient, they maintain consistent luminosity over a long lifespan, and operate without a ballast. What sets them apart from corn cobs, however, is their classic HID shape. They have a recognizable light bulb appearance, unlike corn cobs, which can look like a bug zapper or transformer when placed in certain fixtures. These lamps are also less bulky than corn cobs, produce less heat, and have far less lumen depreciation. 

High lumen LED filaments are lightweight and much smaller than corn cob LED lights. This makes high lumen LEDs extremely versatile. Use them in open or enclosed fixtures, indoors and outside. Applications are virtually endless – high bays, low bays, wall packs, bollards, parking garages, warehouses, retail and more.      

TCP Lighting Solutions

Are you ready to upgrade the lighting in your commercial space? If you need bright, powerful lighting, and want to save money on utility bills, the experts at TCP can help you find the right solutions. 

TCP is an industry leader when it comes to developing and manufacturing energy efficient LED lighting. When it comes to our products, we always seek to innovate and move forward. High lumen LED filaments are one of our latest breakthroughs. Want to learn more? 

Contact TCP today!  

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