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Apr 23, 2020

TCP LED lighting illuminates luxury goods to highlight exquisite details and draw customers in. Our lighting experts are at your service, ready to create a lighting scheme customized to the unique qualities of your space and products. Quality in-store lighting is a major factor in luxury retail design. When used strategically, lighting can be a highly impactful visual merchandising tool for luxury retailers.

The right lighting will guide customers through your store, direct their attention to product displays and ultimately even increase the amount they purchase. Well-designed lighting sets your store apart from the competition and set the tone for the shopping experience.

Ambiance and mood are especially important for luxury brands since their value lies in emotional appeal and quality, which are both enhanced by great lighting.

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Luxury Goods Lighting Products

Lighting Color Temperature in Luxury Retail Stores

There are a few factors to consider when choosing your retail display fixtures and bulbs to make sure your lighting scheme is the best it can be. Color temperature, Color Rendering Index, and contrast all contribute to the overall feeling of your store.

TCP can help you use these factors strategically so you can shift your customers’ moods to encourage purchases and increase sales.

The Best Color Temperature for Retail Stores

Color temperature is rated in Kelvin, with low measurements indicating warm light, and high measurements indicating cool light.

So what color temperature makes luxury products look their best? TCP offers LED lights with color temperatures that range from 1800K to 6500K. The best color temperature for your store will depend on the type of goods you sell, but if you’re looking for a rule of thumb, the most common color temperature for luxury store lighting is 3000K.

Electronics stores, for example, do best with cooler color temperatures, while furniture looks better in cozy, warm light. Brand identity is important, too. Are your luxury brands modern? Typically, you’ll want to use cooler, crisp light. Classic, timeless products are showcased in neutral to warm light.

For help finding your best fit among the wide variety of lamps and color temperatures, contact the lighting experts at TCP. We can guide you to the best lighting options to make your products shine.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI measures the ability of a light to reveal the true colors of an object. Lights with CRI ratings above 80 are a great choice for showcasing products, since colors will look true to tone and vibrant. The further CRI drops below 80, the more washed out and dull objects (and people!) will look.

Add Contrast to Display Lighting

In luxury goods stores, you want customers to stop in their tracks and be drawn to your products. One key element to creating head-turning displays is the use of contrast. This interior design method uses a thoughtful balance of spotlights and ambient lamps to call attention to certain items. TCP’s lighting experts are here to help. By keeping ambient lighting–the general lighting in your space–ever so slightly dim, we can highlight certain displays and products more effectively with concentrated spotlights.

High-End Light Fixtures

Luxury retail fixtures will take exquisite lighting design to the next level by adding an element of sophistication, beauty, and flair to your store’s interior. Maybe you want to keep the fixtures understated and simple to let the products take center stage. Or maybe bold display fixtures will be a way to communicate the store’s personality and draw customers in. Either way, TCP will help create the lighting layout you’re dreaming about, complete with luxury fixtures to match your luxury brands.

High-end fixtures will instantly set the mood for your retail or department store. Some fixture options include pendant lights, track lights, accent lights, floor lamps, spotlights, and in-ceiling lights. Combining beautiful fixtures with high quality LED bulbs in the right color temperature will set a pleasant tone for your store. And when customers feel at home, they stay longer and return often.

Custom Luxury Lighting Design with TCP

Retail lighting from TCP is high quality, energy efficient, and backed by over twenty years of lighting experience. TCP controls the production of our products from design to distribution. We are committed to quality and innovation to bring the best products to our customers.

Every retail space has its own unique needs. You don’t have to address them alone! When you work with our lighting experts on a custom luxury lighting design, you gain a knowledgeable partner in lighting design. Tell us about your vision today, and TCP will make sure it comes to life.

Contact us today to consult with one of TCP’s lighting experts and learn more about how our commercial lighting solutions can transform your retail space.

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