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Sep 29, 2021

At first glance, you might not think there’s much to notice about high bay lights. Their purpose seems simple: provide high level ambient light throughout a large space. But the best high bay LED fixtures can make all the difference in the quality of light, impacting everything from productivity to the aesthetic appeal of your space.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, the high bays you choose for lighting projects affect logistics, too. Large, bulky high bay fixtures are expensive to ship and store. Not to mention the hassle of installing and replacing heavy fixtures.

That’s where QHB fixtures from TCP come in. TCP’s QTL Series High Bay Lights will transform the way you think about shipping, storing, and installing commercial lighting.


So, What is QTL?

QTL stands for Quick, Thin, Lumens. This family of lighting fixtures from TCP features a variety of lightweight, durable designs that pack a punch when it comes to performance.

The QTL series includes V-shaped aisle lighters, general purpose strips, and high bay LED light fixtures. Designed to address the needs of commercial and industrial settings, QTL fixtures make your space look better than ever.

So, how do QTL high bay lights (also known as QHBs) improve upon traditional high bay lights?

Traditional High Bays vs. QHB

TCP’s innovative QTL design takes the hassle—and expense—out of shipping and storing bulky high bay luminaires. Plus, elevated high bay lighting creates a sleek, high end look in your commercial or industrial space.

In every aspect, from light quality to ease of installation, you’ll want to experience the difference QHBs from TCP can make in your lighting design.

Space Economy and Savings

Perhaps the greatest advantage QHBs hold over traditional high bay fixtures is their sleek, compact profile. When you make the switch from bulkier, heavier luminaires to QHBs, you can stock more product while gaining precious storage space. This equates to a more space-efficient warehouse for cost savings you can count on.

In addition to storage advantages, QHBs are lightweight to ship. Save money on transportation costs for an improved bottom line.

Plus, the lightweight aluminum housing combined with included mounting hardware provides for a quick and easy installation.

Light Quality

In addition to shipping and warehousing savings, QHBs provide higher quality light. In commercial and industrial settings, light quality affects everything from employee efficiency to safety and visibility. QHBs feature high quality LED light with a variety of lumen packages and color temperatures.

Thanks to their innovative fixture design, QTL series lights provide illumination at a wide, 160 degree field angle beam spread for optimal lighting. You don’t have to worry about the “cave effect” that so often makes commercial spaces feel dim and can even lead to mispicks.

Fixture Aesthetics

Sleek design makes QHB perfect for commercial and industrial settings. In spaces with high ceilings, QTL high bay fixtures create a sleek look that feels innovative, high end, and contemporary.

Traditional high bays are typically large, bulky, and heavy. Compared to the streamlined look of QHBs, their design can feel dated in modern commercial and industrial spaces.

Benefits of QHB

QHB fixtures offer a number of benefits, including…

  • Sleek profile for compact storage
  • Lightweight, quick install construction
  • Included mounting hardware
  • Delivers up to 60,000 lumens at 440 watts
  • Offers 0-10V dimming
  • Long 50,000 rated life
  • Optional factory installed battery backup and control sensors
  • TCP SmartStuff compatible

Don’t settle for bulky commercial lighting. Save space, money, and headaches when you switch to QTL Series High Bay LED fixtures.

Once your QHB fixtures are installed, manage them with ease. TCP SmartStuff technology allows you to control, group, and schedule your lights right from your smartphone or tablet. With commercial lighting, automation means savings.

TCP Innovative Lighting Manufacturer

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing high bay luminaires or start fresh in a new lighting project, the lighting experts at TCP are here to help. As leading innovators in lighting, we are always excited about new ways to push the industry forward.

Interested in TCP’s QTL series for your commercial lighting project? Click here to learn more.

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