GrowStuff Grow Kit

Grow like a Pro with TCP’s LED Grow Kit!

Indoor Growing Has Never Been So Easy

Everything needed to get up and running quickly is included right out of the box:

  • TCP’s Full Spectrum 50W Grow Light Rail
  • Collapsible plant container
  • 24hr. plug-in mechanical timer
  • Easy-install chain hanging kit

Ready, Set.

See how TCP’s GrowStuff Grow Kit offers all that’s necessary to get growing confidently.

Features & Benefits At-A-Glance

Why Choose TCP’s GrowStuff Grow Kit?


Kit includes everything necessary to get growing


120° beam angle allows for larger light spread over plants


Perfect for indoor house plants, seedling germination, and supplemental growth lighting


High powered but efficient! PPE = 2.5 μmol/J


TCP’s Full Spectrum technology is designed for all plant species

Ready to purchase!

Where to Buy?


At TCP, we believe advanced, objective research combined with a quality product is a winning solution for our customers. We have carefully crafted our horticulture spectrums to provide a precise ratio of green, red, and blue light to encourage vigorous growth while maintaining a healthy plant structure.

Our full spectrum technology provides a balanced blend of blue, green and red light to ensure plants grow healthy and strong.

Simplify Your Lighting Project with TCP

We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life.

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