TCP Flat Panel LED Lighting System

Your lighting solution is on its way! From office spaces to warehouses, business owners know the struggle of conventional fluorescent lighting—High energy costs, poor light color quality, slow startup and issues with eye strain are just a few of complaints. LED lighting provides energy efficient solutions that can improve any commercial space with better quality lighting. If you think a LED lighting upgrade isn’t in your budget, get ready for TCP’s Flat Panel LED lighting system with Detachable Drivers!

Coming soon—A new, cost-effective LED Flat Panel lighting system that is easy to install, uses less energy than fluorescent alternatives and provides exceptional quality!

LED Flat Panels in an Office Setting

NEW Cost-Effective LED Lighting Installation

TCP’s Flat Panel LED lighting system can reduce Installation time with it’s thin, lightweight design!

You can install LED panels into narrow plenum spaces and confined areas without any hassle. Fits standard 1” and 9/16” T-Bar grid ceilings. Unlike bulky conventional lighting that can’t fit into tight spaces.

Since conventional lighting often generates a lot of heat, it could pose a serious safety hazard if not installed properly. With less heat emitted from TCP’s LED Flat Panel lighting system, this lighting is insulated contact (IC) rated. This rating is necessary when a recessed ceiling light fixture is to be placed in a ceiling near insulation.

Non-IC rated alternatives do not offer this rating and must be air sealed to prevent heat from escaping, adding another step to the installation of conventional lighting. Conventional lighting installation already involves connecting to junction boxes, requiring metal conduit cutting, threading and bending and more tedious steps to power multiple lights in a facility’s lighting system.

TCP’s Flat Panel LED Lighting System offers the value of safety and will save you money on installation!

Continuous LED Lighting Savings

Not only is installation time and cost trimmed, this Flat Panel LED lighting system also cuts down cost over the lifetime of your lighting by reducing maintenance time and increasing energy efficiency.

For even more savings, TCP’s Flat Panel LED lighting system lets you take advantage of more utility rebates than conventional lighting and pay lower energy costs. TCP LED Flat Panels are energy efficient and use 51% less energy than fluorescent lighting choices, cutting energy costs way down! This can make a major difference for commercial facilities like universities, hotels and factories, whose large size often translates to very large electric bills. Plus, the fully dimmable design allows you to adjust the level of lighting to modify brightness for more energy efficiency.

LED Flat Panel 1 by 4 in Conference Room

High-Quality Flat Panel LED Lighting System

TCP’s Flat Panel LED lighting system’s great value is met by exceptional performance and quality. The design of LED flat panels from TCP allow for long periods of use without burning out and tout a 50,000 hour rated life! An efficient and attractive solution for replacing conventional fluorescent light, this lighting solution allows you to maximize savings without sacrificing performance.

TCP LED Flat Panels are mercury free and offer excellent color consistency and color rendering index (CRI). Utilizing edge-lit technology, these attractive ultra-thin are available in 350K, 400K, and 500K color temperatures. TCP Flat Panels have a high quality PMMA lens and come in 6’x4’, 1”x4’, 2’x2’, and 2’x4’ varieties. Select TCP LED ceiling lighting that will improve your facility by providing better quality, more consistent lighting for employees or customers, perfect for Offices, Retail Stores, Schools, Hospitality, Restaurants and beyond. Better lighting means safer and more attractive facilities.

TCP’s Flat Panel LED Lighting System is an energy efficient and cost-effective lighting solution that can give your space what it needs. These innovative and efficient LED flat panel lights are in-stock and ready to ship! Contact us today and one of our lighting experts can answer any questions you may have about our LED Flat Panels or other lighting products.

2 by 2 LED Flat Panels in a Warehouse
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