Energy Efficient LED Lighting Solutions


This summer the weather is great and you’re planning tons of fun get-togethers and trips, so get some needed funds in your pocket with one easy solution! Stop paying high electricity costs and switch to energy efficient lighting that is perfect for the design and functionality of your home, and saves you money at the same time.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting from TCP offers residential solutions that are not only fit for every space, but are high quality and available in a wide variety of colors and styles, too. Made for indoor and outdoor use, LED lighting from TCP brings to life living rooms, backyards, bathrooms, patios, and beyond.

LED Lighting from TCP Can Save You Money

If you’re looking for replacement bulbs or think it’s time for a lighting upgrade, choose an energy efficient LED lighting solution. TCP’s energy efficient light bulbs are ideal for creating the perfect indoor and outdoor environments throughout your home and help you save money– Your energy savings alone over time could pay for your LED lighting upgrade!

Wondering how LED lighting is different than traditional lighting? LED lighting from TCP is a more energy-efficient lighting solution than traditional lighting like incandescent or CFL because of their use of light emitting diodes. When an electrical current passes through a semiconductor material in LED lighting products it illuminates small light sources, also known as LEDs. This process produces powerful light, while using far lower amounts of energy.

Calculate your residential cost savings here to see just how much you could be saving by upgrading your lighting with TCP’s energy efficient LED lighting. Plus, with long rated life spans, like 50,000 hours for many options, you’ll have to replace your LED lighting from TCP less often – saving on upkeep and maintenance costs.

The Look You Want with Energy Efficient LED Lighting

TCP LED flat panels with detachable drivers, bases, lamps, floodlights and other choices are available in many different watts and styles, with each package listing the LED’s lumen count and its incandescent equivalent wattage.

Indoors, this energy efficient LED lighting creates a customizable, welcoming space for your family and guests that showcases the art in your living spaces, provides the colors and warmth you want in each space plus blends with your home’s style! TCP LED Soft White (2700K) lighting provides a wonderful warm glow, creating a welcoming vibe that is perfect for all your evening soirees this season and necessary relaxing spaces.

With dimmable options, you can adjust to the level of brightness you need in each room, while still enjoying excellent color quality and illumination. Energy efficient LED lighting in Bright White (4000K) provides a crisp light that is ideal for any space where close attention to detail is important, like in kitchens, workspaces and garages. LED lighting solutions in Daylight (5000K) create a lively atmosphere in your indoor spaces by closely imitating natural daylight. TCP LED indoor lighting seamlessly blends with your home’s style, whether traditional or modern!

For outdoor spaces, TCP LED lighting is a great way to illuminate backyards, decks, driveways, landscaping and more for safety, in addition to creating cool atmospheres that your family and guests will enjoy. Outdoor LED lights from TCP are energy efficient so even if your lights have long run times, your wallet won’t be taking a hard hit. TCP’s energy efficient LED lighting is an excellent choice for replacing traditional metal halide products, floodlights, security lighting and other outdoor lighting. Plus, TCP’s wet location LED lighting and colored LEDs are a great option for around the pool this summer or to illuminate your favorite outdoor area in style.

TCP energy efficient LED lighting offers the versatility and style you’re looking for, while increasing energy savings for your home. Not sure which LED product you need? Talk to us about the energy efficient LED lighting solution that is best for you!
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