Emergency Lighting Guide

Should an emergency occur, it is important for your commercial building to have clear and easy to follow emergency lighting. Whether you have a retail store, corporate office, or hospitality space, emergency exit lights help keep everyone safe.

Emergency Lights

Emergency lighting brings peace of mind to building owners and operators, as well as the people who use your commercial space every day. Knowing where the emergency exits are creates a calmer, safer environment. 

For the safest emergency lighting system possible, it’s important to know how your lighting will operate if your power fails. Even when other lights are still on, emergency lights are crucial in guiding people to a safer place. 

A well designed emergency lighting system enables efficient, safe, and quick evacuation. In an emergency, emergency lights help to reduce panic and save lives.

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Emergency Exit Lights

Emergency exit lights are required in all public facilities, including buildings, aircraft, and boats. They denote every emergency exit to help people locate the nearest exit to them.

Most codes require exit signs to be lit at all times. In the case of an emergency, exit signs should remain lit even if the power goes off. Anyone inside the facility can follow the signs to quickly and safely exit the area.

Exit signs need to be unmistakable, which is why their design is so simple. More and more commonly, exit signs are using a pictogram, with or without text, to make sure everyone, regardless of language or literacy, is able to locate and follow emergency exit signs. 

At TCP, we offer high quality LED emergency lights so you can reduce your energy costs while keeping people safe with reliable exit lights. Or, give us a call and we’ll help you design an emergency lighting system so you meet your local regulations and keep the public safe. 

Exit Sign and Emergency Light Combos 

Looking to streamline your exit signs and emergency lights? Exit sign/emergency light combos give you the function of both regular and emergency exit signs rolled into a single unit. 

This means that your exit signs remain lit at all times, as is required by most safety codes. But in an emergency situation, your combo fixture’s emergency lights will also turn on to help control the crowd, reduce panic, and evacuate people to safety. Exit signs with emergency lights give you the benefits of both light types, all in one simple to install unit. 

All of our combination units have battery backup, which means the emergency lighting will still function even if the power goes out.

Retrofit Kits

If you have outdated incandescent or fluorescent exit signs, you probably know how much energy they require to run at all times. 24/7 illumination can result in hefty energy bills each month. That’s why so many business owners and building managers are making the switch to LED signs. 

This switch doesn’t have to be costly, time consuming, or invasive. With LED retrofit kits, you can easily update and replace your old exit signs with energy efficient LEDs. By retrofitting your traditional exit signs with LED emergency lights, you can decrease your energy usage by up to 75%! Those savings are great for the environment and for your energy bill.

Emergency Lighting by TCP 

Local and state regulations require adequate emergency lighting in all commercial locations. They provide guidance in case of an emergency, including backup illumination during power outages and path lighting for quick and safe evacuations. 

TCP has the emergency lighting you need to meet those regulations, including combo exit signs with emergency lights and outdoor emergency lights. And thanks to our innovative LED technology, you can also save money on your energy bill each month.

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