Deck Your Facility with LED


This time of the year is known for increases in facility energy consumption. Less daylight requires lights to be on longer; and the heat is cranked up so employees stay nice and warm during the cold winter months to come.

To help save some money and energy this holiday season, consider upgrading to LED. LEDs have a long life and low energy consumption, making them the perfect present for your facility.

So, how do you choose the perfect LED lighting products for your facility? Answer these three questions to ensure your facility gets everything on its wish list this year.


It’s important to go over the goals of the facility before looking at lighting options. Do you want to:

  • Decrease labor and maintenance costs?
  • Improve the look and feel of the facility?
  • Reduce environmental impact?
  • Or even all three!?

Once you determine what your goals are, you’re ready to start selecting your lighting.

This step is very important. There might be a shiny, new LED fixture that you’ve been dying to get, but if it’s not right for your facility, it doesn’t make sense to buy it. Look at the ceiling heights and current lighting systems in the facility to see what is really needed.

If you are looking for lighting for office space with lower ceilings, TCP LED Flat Panels and General Purpose Strip Luminaires and Retrofit Kits are the perfect gift! All with a rated life of 50,000 hours and great color rendering, these LED options are sure to look great in your facility, all while saving money and energy.

If your facility needs more robust fixtures to illuminate warehouse and assembly spaces, TCP LED bay fixtures are ideal. Low bay luminaires (mounting heights up to 25 feet), high bay luminaires (mounting heights up to 40 feet), and Sky Bay™ luminaires (mounting heights up to 60 feet) are great for areas where ceilings are higher and there is a need for more lumens.

Sometimes, you don’t need a new fixture at all. This is where TCP’s LED DirecT8™ tubes come in. Available with dimming and multiple ballast compatibility options including rapid start, instant start and programmed start. With over 50 percent energy savings, these LED T8s can transform a fluorescent fixture into a LED one with ease.

When we shop for the holidays, we always try to find the best deal. TCP LED luminaires and retrofit kits are not only affordable, but many are also eligible for utility rebates to help save you even more money. Lighting rebates offer a win-win solution for businesses, consumers and utilities to help offset costs of new buildings and keep money in your pocket.

There are a few different types of rebates available for you:

  1. Retailer Mark-Down – Utility rebates are applied to the normal price of a retailer’s product. This entitles the customer to an instant rebate on select items.
  2. Buy Down – Utility rebates are applied to the cost of approved items to a retailer or commercial partner.
  3. Prescriptive Rebates – Prescriptive rebates provide a specific predetermined dollar amount for each fixture replaced.
  4. Custom Rebates – Custom rebates are based on the total energy savings for a specific project and are intended to provide rebates for approved fixtures not covered by a prescriptive program. Incentives vary by location and customer type.
  5. Market Lift Promotions – Market lift promotions provide utilities a platform to capture the power of their retailer partners eliminate the need for buy-downs and yet still allow a utility sponsor to claim credit for bulb sales. This program design sets sales targets for the retailer’s efficient lighting sales and rewards them for achieving them.
  6. Coupon Promotions – The instant coupon operates similar to a markdown but has a controlled number of units that can be purchased within a specific time frame, due to the limitation of coupons being printed.


Surprise your facility this year with a quality, TCP LED upgrade. For more information, visit our commercial and industrial luminaries page today!

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