Covid – Urgency Means Fast

Jun 4, 2020

Urgency Means Fast.

TCP Lighting Helps the Urgent Response to COVID-19 with Efficiency and Quality

Never before has there been an urgent need for high quality, well-lit spaces designed to contain a public health crisis. 

This is an extraordinary time. We have all witnessed the best in people coming together – whether neighbors or strangers – to rally together. We especially admire professionals and organizations as they adapt to contribute their expertise to respond to COVID-19. On the front lines, responsible health care decision makers are building heavy-duty triage tents, overflow facilities, drive-up test sites and other spaces we weren’t even imagining a few months ago. It’s happening fast. Builders, operations managers, and business leaders are switching gears – retooling what they usually do to meet the new, urgent demands of coronavirus pandemic. At TCP, we ask ourselves – how can we help? What expertise can we offer to turn these solutions into reality faster – but without compromising quality. Because never before has there been an urgent need for high quality, well-lit spaces designed to contain a public health crisis. Here’s the TCP advantage:

Guidance & Partnership

TCP provides the guidance you need to choose the best lighting solutions for the intense demands of new or remodeled coronavirus treatment facilities. Light All by TCP offers as little or as much help as you need. We can assist with everything from lighting design consultation and product selection, to help with installation and post-project follow up.

Plus, TCP offers operational efficiency that seems made for this moment.

Learn more about how passion to make our lives better through lighting – especially during this public health crisis.

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