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Whether you’re illuminating a window display or trying to create a cozy dressing room, TCP can help you navigate lighting solutions for department stores and retail businesses.

When customers walk into a department store, they may not immediately notice the transformed atmosphere. But anyone who manages a department store knows the effort that goes into creating an enhanced store experience and optimizing customer satisfaction.

What comes to mind when you consider the elements that factor into a department store’s environment? The staff are important–friendly service will keep customers returning again and again. And of course, the products, and their placement throughout the store. And then there is department store lighting.

The importance of lighting in retail stores is often overlooked, but it can be one of the most important and effective tools for creating ambiance and setting the right tone in your department store. Some stores benefit from bright lights and cooler tones, while others will generate more sales if their store is dim and cozy.

Whatever tone you envision for your department store, the lighting experts at TCP are at your service. TCP offers custom lighting schemes and lamps, and controls every step of the production process to ensure your space is well-lit and energy-efficient for years to come.

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Department Store Products


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Showroom Lighting Design

The lighting in a showroom can be make or break for sales. Lighting in visual merchandising plays a significant role–from ambient lighting, to task lighting, to accent lighting placed strategically around the store.

Low-quality lighting can make your product look drab and uninviting, but high-quality lighting does the opposite. Already great products look their best under lighting designed specifically to make them shine. Customers will be in awe of your product when it is illuminated by a comprehensive lighting scheme.

In showrooms, track lighting is almost always present to provide ambient lighting–a wash of light from all directions. Designers also favor it for these spaces because of the ability to direct light strategically from above, highlighting certain areas without the drastic edges of a spotlight.

Track lighting comes in a variety of different shapes, like straight, U-shaped, and square, to fit any space and flatter any product. TCP’s lighting experts can help guide you to the best design for your unique showroom.

Retail Lighting Color Temperature

TCP knows how important color temperature is to your shoppers’ experience in your department store. Before they purchase an item, they’ll want to feel confident that they understand the true color, quality, and texture of your product. Retail store lighting can have a significant, yet subtle, impact on a customer’s decision to purchase a product.

Crisp and subtle lighting is key for most department stores–but not so crisp that the store feels uncomfortable for the eyes. TCP can help you navigate your lighting’s Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) to decide the best light bulbs for your department store.

  • CRI measures the ability of a light to let an object’s true color show through. The closer the CRI is to 100, the more true your products’ colors will appear.
  • CCT is color temperature measured in Kelvin (K). A high number, like 4,000K, indicates cool light, while a low number, like 2,500K, indicated warmth.

Different color temperatures will be appropriate for different situations. You may want one color temperature for general lighting, but take a different approach for window display lighting. TCP offers high-quality LED lights and lighting fixtures for retail settings.

When does a store benefit from warm lighting?

If your store carries clothing and linens, they will be enhanced under warm light. The warmth will also make customers feel at home, since warm light creates a relaxed, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere. However, it is important not to use such warm lighting that customers are uncertain of the true color of your product.

When is it best to use cool lighting?

Use cool lighting if your store carries many metal items, like hardware and appliances. Their appearances will be enhanced by the crisp, even light. Cool light also benefits these types of products because it gives a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness, which customers desire when shopping for hardware and home appliances. As with very warm color temperatures, use caution with extremely cool color temperatures, as too-blue light in a retail setting can feel overly sterile.

The best of both worlds

If your department store’s inventory ranges from textiles to appliances, you will see the greatest benefit when you customize the lighting in each area of your store. Working with the lighting experts at TCP to create a custom lighting scheme will ensure that customers will have an enjoyable shopping experience, and that every product your carry is seen for its high quality and appeal.

LED Retail Lighting

High-quality department store lighting doesn’t have to take a toll on your energy bill. TCP’s LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional bulbs, since they give off much less energy as heat. The result? Bright lights that are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and easy on the eyes.

An investment in LED retail lighting means lower energy costs in the long run. TCP offers a wide variety of LED light fixtures for department stores, so you can mix and match to highlight your products and create a positive ambiance for shoppers.

Retail Store Lighting Design

Do you have a vision for your department store lighting? Contact a TCP lighting expert today. Bring us your boutique store lighting ideas, window display lighting ideas, and more.

We’ll help you create a lighting scheme that works with your store’s unique needs and keeps customers returning again and again.

Only TCP Offers a Total, End-to-End Commercial Lighting Solution

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