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Government Lighting with Style and Savings.

TCP is your best choice to meet energy-efficiency requirements and LEED certification common in government lighting installations and projects. TCP systems provide superior illumination – indoors and out – for workplace efficiency and security. Government lighting solutions by TPC include a wide range of bubs and fixtures to address functional needs, stylish considerations and ambiance that sets just the right tone for the workplace. Lighting from TCP addresses all of these requirements plus provides savings that you can count on. Most people generally understand the efficiency advantages of LED lighting, but you can get specific. What’s your return on investment when using LED lighting? Find out by using our ROI investment calculator.


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Government Office Lighting

An efficient government office begins with efficient lighting from TCP. Our LED technology helps your government office achieve LEED certification and meet energy efficiency requirements.

TCP systems provide superior illumination indoors and out for workplace efficiency and security. Politicians, administrators, and public servants work with ease under our bright, even office lighting. And you can rest assured knowing your outdoor spaces are well-lit and safe at all hours of the day.

Government office lighting typically involves a wide variety of lighting needs—ambient ceiling lighting to provide general light, task lighting at each desk, and other specific lighting needs that vary by department and usage. Not to mention outdoor lighting, which is unique to every building and location.

TCP offers a broad range of LED light bulbs to meet your government lighting needs. Browse our selection of luminaires, linear lights, traditional light bulbs, and more to find the best energy efficient lighting solutions for your office.

Energy Efficient Government Lighting

At TCP, we understand that government offices need quality lighting over long periods of time. Government employees spend long work days under office lighting, and outdoor lights stay on after dark to keep communities safe.

With such significant lighting requirements, energy costs can be high. TCP’s energy efficient light bulbs are the key to a lower energy bill for your government space.

But you don’t have to take it from us—TCP LED light bulbs are Energy Star certified, a stamp of approval given only to products that go above and beyond to reduce energy use, help the planet, and save you money.

Will LED lights save me money?

Since LED bulbs use 75-80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, making the switch to LED light bulbs will definitely lower your energy bill. However, we understand that the initial cost differences between LEDs and incandescent lights can be intimidating.
TCP’s return-on-investment calculator can help you determine if investing in LED lighting for your government space is worth the initial cost. Simply enter details about your light usage and needs, and we’ll calculate your personal savings.

Why Are LED Bulbs more Energy Efficient?

By now, you know that LED light bulbs can reduce energy bills drastically. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) use 75-80% less energy than a traditional incandescent. When you multiply those savings across the many light bulbs needed to run and productive, efficient, and pleasant government building, the benefits really stack up.

How are these bulbs so efficient? TCP LED light bulbs emit most of their energy as light. By contrast, traditional incandescent light bulbs give off most of their energy as heat. This unnecessary energy costs the user more money for the same amount of light as they would get with an LED.

Energy savings aren’t the only benefit of our LED lights. LEDs are long lasting—about fifty times longer lasting than an incandescent bulb. With a longer lifespan comes reduced maintenance costs to change and replace your light bulbs. If you feel like you’re changing light bulbs every few weeks, LEDs can save you the hassle and the headache.

Performance and Style with TCP’s Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

TCP’s LED light bulbs provide superior illumination and style to any room. Set the right tone for your workplace with dimmable LED bulbs that can adjust to any situation. A comfortable and stylish space begins and ends with thoughtful, quality lighting.

The sharp, crisp, even light from our LEDs for government offices provides just the right light for work, meetings, and events. And the benefits of such high quality lighting do not stop at the door—LED bulbs for outdoor use also keep your pathways, doorways, and parking lots safe and secure.

LED Office Lighting

If you’re looking for energy-saving bulbs for your government office, you’ve picked the right place to start. TCP offers a wide range of bulbs and fixtures for all of your government office lighting needs. 

Try our dimmable LED light bulbs for multi-purpose areas, like conference rooms or large entertainment spaces. With a dimmable LED bulb, you can alter a room’s ambient lighting depending on the current purpose of the room, without having to switch out bulbs or entire light fixtures.  

An LED desk lamp is a great way to keep government employees on task, relaxed, and content. LED bulbs do not get hot, even after hours of use, so using them in task lighting like desk lamps keeps each workspace cool and comfortable.

Try our LED high bay lights and luminaires for all-over lighting you rarely have to repair. The longevity of LED lights makes them ideal for ceiling lights, saving you the hassle of replacing bulbs again and again.

TCP Knows Light

Here at TCP, we are always happy to lend our expertise to your next lighting project or update. Contact us for personalized assistance with any of your government lighting needs.

TCP offers a total, end-to-end commercial lighting solution.

TCP understands sourcing and installing the right commercial lighting from start to finish. That’s why, from the first design consultation to the post-project follow-up, we’re there, offering our expertise, helping you capitalize on efficiency rebates, and ensuring your commercial lighting project turns on.

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