Commercial Lighting Trends 2022

Oct 25, 2021

Business analysts predict 2022 could be the commercial lighting industry’s biggest year to date. Forecasts show increased demand, and potentially record-breaking numbers.

Last year, the lighting industry put in plenty of overtime innovating and developing new solutions for commercial clients. And the hard work continues this year. A significant amount of it is attributed to heightened commercial interest in two causes – energy conservation, and wellness preservation.

It’s no big surprise that these two themes play starring roles throughout the year’s biggest commercial lighting trends. Energy and wellness have relevancy across all commercial applications, from offices and schools, to restaurants and retail, and everything in between.

Can you guess what else is trending in 2022? LED lighting! Its demand is on the rise because it uses less energy than other light sources, and it can improve health and well-being in certain applications, too.

Commercial Lighting Trends for 2022

For years, lighting design was overlooked in commercial spaces. Buildings and facilities relied upon expensive, inefficient light sources because they were often the only option. Once LED lighting was introduced in commercial applications, the disadvantages of older light sources became quite apparent. 

Negative effects of poor lighting exist today in spaces that still use outdated systems. Commonly seen problems are increased energy use, expensive utility costs, excess maintenance, plus eye strain and headaches. The future looks much brighter, though, as business leaders and decision makers realize how important lighting is, especially in commercial spaces.

Is new lighting in your commercial site’s future? If it is, you should pay close attention to 2022’s best commercial lighting trends. They could be the brilliant solution your commercial space is looking for.

Eco-Efficiency / Sustainability

Commercial spaces everywhere are trying to save energy, decrease costs, and reduce their carbon footprint. The use of energy-efficient lighting is one solution that’s been gaining popularity for years, and is now a full-blown movement. 

More commercial spaces are replacing outdated incandescent and fluorescent fixtures with new LED lighting systems. The number of LED retrofits in office spaces is at an all-time high, and continues to climb. Plus, choosing LEDs with the latest Smart-based technology allows users to set schedules, control lights during non-peak hours, and reduce energy consumption even more.   

Sustainability is also influencing the fixture styles currently trending in commercial spaces. These forward-thinking fixtures use sustainable materials as an interesting design feature. Responsibly-sourced wood, bamboo, rattan, and glass transform lamp shades into stylish focal points. This nature-inspired vibe works in hotels, restaurants, office lobbies and waiting rooms, but has the potential to fit into other spaces as well.

Day-to-Night Color Temperature

Have you ever walked into a store or cafe and felt like something was strangely off-balance in the space? But you couldn’t figure out what it was? Chances are it was the lighting, and more specifically color temperatures that weren’t properly balanced for the time of day.

Commercial spaces are becoming more human-centric. This means the function and design of a space should focus more on what’s best for the people who work, learn, visit, and spend time there. Lighting color temperature plays a vital role in this, by creating atmosphere, and setting mood.

Hotels, specialty retailers, and cafes are just some of the commercial spaces that transition lighting color temperatures throughout the day. They do this to synchronize interior lighting with the natural daylight coming into the space. Customers, clients, and employees feel alert, focused, and comfortable, instead of anxious, irritable, or tired. 

Humans subconsciously react to light very similarly, based on circadian rhythm – our internal body clock. Lighting should be brighter, and whiter, during daytime, then a bit warmer, and softer during evening hours. The latest LED technology offers more dimming options, and allows users to change color temperatures, so lighting can be customized for any condition, occasion, or time of day.       

Golden Age Simplicity

This trend represents a sort of back-to-basics movement in terms of lighting style. Sleeker, simpler fixture designs get their inspiration from the bold, yet understated grandeur of previous eras – from the American industrial age, to mid-century space age.  

Clean lines and smooth shapes can range anywhere from geometric angles to sweeping curves. Desk lamps, hanging pendants, sconces, and chandeliers blend beautifully into the environment without getting lost. This minimalistic approach borrows a page from mid-century modern’s guidebook, then revises it just enough to be fresh and current.

For finishes, anything metallic is in. From polished brass, to brushed nickel, you can’t go wrong if it shines. For colors, try a compromising a range of neutrals, including black, gray and white. Don’t worry, this Art-Deco inspired palette is far from boring when paired with contemporary wood and metal accents.     

The nostalgic vibe of this aesthetic works well in commercial settings, such as manufacturing and business, since it pays tribute to the golden age of American innovation and ingenuity.       

Less Is More  

The days of way-too-bright overheads are quickly fading away. Why? Because wasted light and excess glare aren’t good for anyone. This includes customers, employees, students, and any person who spends time in a commercial space.  

Thoughtfully planned ambient lighting leads to a more pleasant environment and experience. Replacing large fluorescent overhead fixtures with smaller LED luminaires can achieve this effect. The newest luminaires can direct light towards specific areas, instead of just down to the floor. This puts focus on specific products, displays, work areas, or anything that could benefit from extra illumination, besides the floor space.

Using more accent and task lighting is a trend that’s catching on in retail spaces, offices, schools, and more. As an alternative to excessively bright overhead lighting, these targeted, yet subtle light sources feel less stressful, and can lead to everything from increased productivity, to a better sense of well-being.      

TCP Lighting Manufacturer

We hope you found these commercial lighting trends helpful. Do you know what’s really helpful? The lighting teams at TCP! They’re experts at solving all kinds of commercial lighting issues. And they’re here whenever you’re ready to upgrade your commercial lighting. TCP has decades of experience in lighting design, development, and manufacturing. We’ll work with you to find the best solution to meet your space’s lighting needs. 

If you want the latest LED lighting innovations, including reliability, energy efficiency, maximum longevity, and customization options – TCP has it. Contact us today to start planning your new commercial lighting system. Want to get a head-start? Browse our commercial lighting products

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