Commercial Horticulture Lighting in Winter

Sep 20, 2021

Autumn has just arrived, but before you know it, the cold snap of winter will be here. There used to be a time when many growers in the commercial horticulture industry would shut down operations during cold, winter months. Fortunately this is no longer the case. The commercial growing business has had countless advancements and innovations throughout recent decades. If you’re a commercial farmer, you can easily maintain your indoor crops all year long and continue to make a profit, even during winter.

One of the most important ways commercial horticulturists prepare for winter is to invest in a proper lighting system. Making sure plants receive enough illumination for photosynthesis during months of decreased sunlight is critical for successful growing. TCP Lighting can help your plants continue to thrive throughout winter. Read on to discover how TCP’s commercial horticulture lighting can benefit your winter growth cycle.

Maintain Your Plant Products During the Colder Months

Even the most successful horticulturists admit that there are challenges to maintaining steady indoor growth during winter’s colder, darker days. Making necessary preparations before winter arrives is the smartest way to avoid unexpected pitfalls that could impact your crops.
Properly winterizing your indoor growing space includes all the typical tasks – structure repairs, cleaning, disinfecting, and controlling heat and humidity. Double checking your lighting system is the task that needs to be at the top of your to-do list. That’s because lighting is the most important factor contributing to year-round plant growth, especially during winter.
Ensuring that your plants receive well-balanced lighting is easy with TCP’s latest generation of horticulture lights. Backed by science, these powerful lights help promote faster growth and higher yields all year, so production never has to slow down.

Growing Plant Products in the Winter

When temperatures start to drop outside as winter approaches, you must make sure that they’re not dropping inside your greenhouse or indoor farming space. Similarly, as the amount of daylight decreases, you need to be cautious that the amount of light in your growing facility isn’t decreasing, too. These fluctuations in light and weather can affect your indoor growth potential if you’re not careful. As long as you maintain a controlled and consistent environment in your commercial growing space, you can keep growing steadily all winter.
Depending on the types of plants you grow and the size of your farming space, you may not have to spend a lot on new or additional lights for winter. Remember to take into account that updates to your indoor lighting system improve your overall production and profitability. Think of horticulture lights as an investment that will benefit your future earnings.

Horticulture Lights Ready for Winter

The last thing you want to do when it’s cold or snowy outside is have to replace horticulture lights that aren’t working properly. Plus there is simply too much risk and potential for loss if your grow lights aren’t functioning at their best in the middle of winter.

How long has it been since you replaced the current bulbs? Do you know how long the lifespan is for the bulbs or lights you currently have in your growing space? These are important questions you should be able to answer. If you’re unsure, it may be best to replace questionable bulbs and lights now before they possibly stop working and leave your plants in the dark.

The Importance of Quality Grow Lights

All commercial growers want their plants to thrive. Good soil, clean water, and proper ventilation are all factors that contribute to your crop’s success. Want to know the most important factor? The answer is giving your plants the right type of light. How can you do this? Check out TCP’s scientifically-backed horticulture lights. They provide plants with a perfectly balanced light spectrum, so plants grow taller, denser, and faster.

A balanced color spectrum utilizes a careful combination of red, blue, and green light, instead of focusing on just one type of light. There are proven growth benefits to this system including photosynthesis across vertical, greenhouse, and indoor farming operations.

  • Blue light keeps plants dense while they grow.
  • Red light encourages budding and flowering.
  • Green light lets you assess plant health without disrupting growth.

Commercial Grow Lights Lifespan

TCP’s newest generation of horticulture lights are designed to last a long time. For example, our popular LED top light lasts up to 50,000 hours. This significantly saves you money over the lifespan of the fixture due to fewer maintenance, labor, and material costs.

Another benefit to our horticulture lights is that they are all compatible with TCP’s exclusive SmartStuff system. Instead of dealing with complicated and expensive building controls, you can safely and securely set lighting schedules, day-night cycles and more – all from your smartphone with bluetooth controlled SmartStuff technology.

Horticulture Light from TCP

We want to help you grow! As you prepare your greenhouse or indoor farming facility for winter production, please feel free to consult with a TCP representative. Discover how our horticulture grow lights and horticulture LED lights can maintain plant growth and maximize profits even during winter’s coldest, darkest months.

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