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Sep 23, 2021

Good lighting can make or break your indoor farming operation. Of all the factors that contribute to plant health, light is the most important. When growing plants indoors, you have the opportunity to completely control the light your plants receive. So, why not take advantage of the opportunity with the best possible commercial horticulture lighting system?

Maximize Your Growing Potential with Commercial Horticulture LED Lighting from TCP

How can you maximize growing potential for your indoor farming operation?

First, it’s important to maximize every inch of your space. Consult with the lighting experts at TCP to determine the best possible lighting layout. The best setup will ensure you make the most of your grow lights by strategically using their light output and reach without wasting any light.

Other factors can help make the most of your horticulture LED lights as well. For example, white and light colored surfaces reflect light, so it’s possible to direct light where you want it by bouncing it off light colored surfaces.

Finally, be sure to stay up to date on the latest horticulture lighting technology by researching new technologies, or even joining horticulture lighting groups. As LED horticulture lighting manufacturers rapidly innovate, new technology becomes available to help you boost your growing potential.

Our HTM Series

When TCP created our new generation of commercial LED horticulture lighting, we put science at the forefront of the design. The HTM Series features a perfectly balanced light spectrum for higher yields, quick growth, and maximum profit.

The HTM Series is also compatible with SmartStuff smart lighting from TCP, which gives you the power to control and schedule your lighting scheme from a tablet or smartphone. Instead of manually controlling your grow lights, let SmartStuff technology do the work of regulating day-night schedules, PPFD intensity, and more.

All-Purpose Color Spectrum

We carefully crafted the HTM Series lighting spectrum to promote dense, healthy, quick-growing plants.

Green light is important throughout every phase of a plant’s lifespan. Green light helps regulate the plant’s “night” cycle while you navigate the grow room to monitor plant health. Without green light, it can be difficult to ensure a healthy circadian rhythm for your plants.

TCP’s HTM Series include a blue peak at 440nm, which helps to reduce stem elongation for strong, compact plants. As the easiest light for plants to absorb, blue light photons promote photosynthesis.

Finally, a red peak at 660nm means HTM Series lights promote budding and flowering. Thanks to a balance between the red and blue peaks, a healthy dose of red photons are possible without risking stretched, elongated stems.

HTM Series vs Other Horticulture Grow Lights

TCP is committed to driving the LED lighting industry forward with innovative new products. The HTM horticulture LED light series does just that by pushing the boundaries of what grow lights could previously offer using the power of science and the knowledge of TCP lighting experts.

HTM Series from TCP

PPE: 2.6
PPF: Scaleable to 1,000 μmol/s
Color Spectrum: Full spectrum. Red peak at 660nm, blue peak at 440nm, healthy amount of green light for maintenance
Installation Method: Simple daisy chain wiring connects HTM luminares – more power
Housing Material: Durable, lightweight aluminum – around 10 lbs.

Other LED Grow Lights

PPE: > 2.6
PPF: 2.8
Color Spectrum: Partial spectrum, often lacking green light
Installation Method: Individual luminares cannot be connected to one another – less power
Housing Material: Bulkier material – around 25 lbs.

TCP Horticulture LED Lights

Advances in LED technology have made it the industry standard for horticulture lighting. The HTM Series from TCP makes it easy to create the perfect environment for indoor farming. And, as an added bonus, the energy efficiency of LED lighting means lower energy bills when compared to traditional HID grow lights.

Interested in learning more about the HTM Series from TCP? Contact the lighting experts at TCP today to discuss how our horticulture LED lights can maximize your growing potential.

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