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Jan 7, 2022

Commercial buildings are in a state of constant evolution. The networks and systems that keep these spaces functioning properly are always evolving, too. As technology advances for lighting, heating, security, and other systems, opportunities arise to improve the facility’s overall efficiency. 

This is important if you’re a facilities manager. A vital part of your job is ensuring that the building operates efficiently, smoothly, and up to code. You’re always looking for new, cost-effective ways to keep every single space functioning at peak performance.

When it comes to facility lighting, upgrading to an energy-efficient LED system has substantial benefits. LEDs use less energy than other types of lighting, which means lower utility bills. And LEDs last longer, too, which means less maintenance. 

Plus, the actual light produced by LEDs is significantly better when compared to fluorescent or incandescent light sources. Why? Because LED bulbs emit light that’s brighter, clearer, and that shows colors and details with more accuracy. Plus, LED light is beneficial for mental and physical well-being, unlike dim or flickering fluorescent lights, which can cause eyestrain, headaches, and depression.    

With so many LED lighting options to choose from, it’s not always easy selecting the right lights for your facility. That’s why you should trust the experts at TCP! They’ve designed what may be the easiest and best lighting solution for you and your facility. As you continue reading, you’ll see how TCP’s SelecT8 tubes are redefining versatility and efficiency for commercial LED lighting.

SelecT8 Tubes: 3 Bulbs In One!

What makes TCP’s SelecT8 tubes so innovative? It’s actually something quite simple. You can select the color temperature you want with the flick of a switch. Each tube has three color temperature settings – warm white 3500K, natural white 4000K, and cool white 5000K. Users can easily change the lighting in any space by toggling a convenient switch near the base of the tube.

Facility Lighting Made Easy

Every large commercial building features a variety of different spaces in its floor plan. Each space may vary in size, purpose, or function, and may require lighting that’s different from other nearby areas. This is a challenge for facility managers who have to update an entire building’s lighting system.

Whether the facility is a school, office, hospital, government building, or retail setting, TCP’s SelecT8 color selectable tubes are a cost-effective solution for illuminating virtually any space. Because one tube can produce three different types of light, each with its own distinct color temperature, one long-lasting SelecT8 LED tube replaces three standard T8 tubes. This reduces inventory costs, increases your storage space, and cuts overall maintenance time.
Controlling how the lighting feels within a space is easier than ever thanks to TCP’s innovative, color-selectable tubes.

If you’re not sure what the right color temperature is for a specific area, we can help you figure it out. The first thing you need to do is determine the main purpose of that space, then consider the activities people perform there. Here are helpful examples of how lighting color temperature works in these typical commercial spaces.

A Warm and Inviting Lobby

Lobbies are found in a wide range of commercial buildings – offices, hotels, hospitals, medical waiting rooms, and others. Warm, soft light in these spaces helps create an inviting, or relaxing atmosphere for guests and visitors.
To create a calm and welcoming environment, flip the switch to the 3500K setting on your SelecT8 tube. This setting produces a warm white light that’s soft, not harsh. It ranges more toward the light yellow end of the color spectrum.

A More Productive Office

There are certain areas in every facility that simply function better under brighter lighting. Spaces where high-detail visibility is important, such as medical labs, storage facilities, and industrial assembly lines benefit from ultra-bright 5000K illumination. Common areas like office hallways and public bathrooms should also be brightly lit to maintain safety.

Just flip the switch on your SelecT8 tube to 5000K for high-quality illumination that’s similar to natural daylight. This is the brightest setting, and the light that’s produced is very crisp. It ranges more bluish in color, but not overly blue, which could cause eye strain with prolonged exposure.

Small details stand out in this type of light because of its ability to show sharp color contrasts. This is why natural light T8 tubes are best in settings where workers need to stay critically focused on specific tasks.

TCP Lighting Solutions

As you can see, SelecT8 color selectable tubes are changing the rules when it comes to commercial lighting. More facility managers are making the switch to these highly efficient, long lasting LED tubes that are essentially three-in-one-tubes.

Still undecided? To make your LED lighting upgrade easier, here are additional features and benefits for SelecT8 tubes:

Long 50,000 hour lifespan
Instant on / off; no start-up time
Rated for open or enclosed fixtures and damp locations
More than 50% energy savings vs. 32W fluorescent
Use 1 SKU per job per multiple CCT requirements
DLC rated for rebate qualification
High ROI after installation; for office, medical, school, and industrial retrofit ROI

Ready to upgrade? TCP makes it easy with our online quote builder. It’s simple to use and saves time, too! You create a shopping list, TCP connects you to a nearby distributor, and your order is placed. You’ll enjoy extra savings with manufacturer direct pricing. Ready to get started? Build your quote here.

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