Benefits of Round High Bay Lighting

Dec 13, 2021

Benefits of Round High Bay Lighting

If you run a commercial facility, office space, or any other space that requires large-scale lighting, you are probably familiar with high bay lighting. As LED technology has advanced over the years, LED high bay lights have overtaken HID high bays as the most popular high bay lighting choice.

LED high bays are so popular for a number of reasons. Their energy efficiency helps businesses improve their bottom lines with major cuts to energy costs. The quality of LED light is higher than outdated fixture types, making for a more efficient, comfortable working environment. 

Finally, since LED lights last so long, an upgrade to LED high bays means reduced maintenance costs—and headaches!

In general, there are two types of high bay lights: linear and round. Below, we’ll explore both options to help you make an informed decision for your commercial lighting project. 

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Linear vs Round High Bay LED Lights

When comparing linear vs round high bay LED lights, it is important to consider the effect that fixture shape has on the beam size and angle. 

Round high bays typically project a cone-shaped beam (120 or 90 degrees), which makes them more focused than linear high bays.

Linear high bays, on the other hand, project rectangular beams. This makes them an excellent choice for long, narrow spaces like hallways. 

Like any lighting choice, both linear and round high bay LED lights have drawbacks. When choosing between the two, consider the following:

Linear high bay lights:

  • Fewer choices in beam angles mean less versatility
  • Slightly more expensive installation process

Round high bay lights:

  • Round shape may not be suitable for narrow spaces

Benefits of Round High Bay Lights

Next, let’s explore the many benefits of round high bay lights. TCP’s UFO high bays are lightweight, low profile, and energy efficient. 

A few of the benefits of round LED high bay lights include…

Easy to retrofit.

Most commercial facilities already have a lighting scheme that involves round high bays set up. With standardized parts, this makes the switch to LED high bays a breeze. Instead of starting from scratch with lighting, you can easily fit existing structures with more advanced lighting technology. 

Once your new LED lights are set up, you can sit back and relax knowing long fixture lifespans—around 50,000 hours—mean fewer maintenance calls. 

Slim profile.

It is easy to fit round, sometimes called UFO high bays, into a wide variety of ceiling types. More lightweight and compact than traditional lights, like metal halides, make installation easier than ever. In addition to easy installation, this slim look makes for increased visual appeal.

Energy efficiency.

TCP’s energy efficient round high bays deliver up to 165 lumens per watt. They consume up to 67% less energy than HID alternatives. This means your lighting scheme is better for the environment—a good deed you’ll see reflected on your energy bill each month.

High Bay Lighting From TCP 

Need high bay lights for your warehouse, commercial facility, school, or retail establishment? TCP’s round high bays are an excellent choice for these applications and more. Brighten up your space with crisp, even light from TCP.

With over 20 years experience in the lighting industry, TCP pushes forward lighting innovation to bring you the most advanced LED technology available. And since TCP is a vertically integrated manufacturer, we control every step of the process, from design to distribution. This means higher quality products and fewer vendors to manage during your lighting project.

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