Advantages of Smart Home Lighting

Sep 29, 2020

What is Smart Lighting?

Lighting is one of the most impactful elements of interior design. Smart lighting helps you make sure it’s always working in your favor.

Well-balanced lighting can transform the feeling of your home. The same layout, paint colors, and decor can look completely different depending on the lighting you choose. While most design elements are static, lighting can fluctuate throughout the day, whether from natural sunlight or from turning on and off lamps and overhead lights.

Traditionally, home lighting has been adjusted manually throughout the day. So while you might intend to fade the lights from bright during the day to soft and candle-like in the evening, it’s easy to forget among day-to-day responsibilities. 

That’s where smart lights come in. Smart home light bulbs can be programmed into entire smart lighting systems that give us the power to control individual bulbs or groups of bulbs from the touch of the button. Even better, the best smart lighting systems will have options for automatic lighting, which means you can program your lights once, and enjoy picture perfect lighting every day without even flipping a switch.

With smart lights, you can count on the best home lighting, every day. The right lighting lifts your spirits, makes you more productive, promotes better sleep, and makes you feel more content at home.

Let’s look more closely at the advantages and capabilities of smart lighting.

How Does Smart Lighting Work?

Generally, smart lighting uses mesh networking, which means each bulb communicates wirelessly with its neighboring bulbs. This creates a network of bulbs, which is typically controlled by a smart lighting hub that you plug into your router.  Smart light bulbs can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet, computers, and smart home controls, in addition to traditional manual controls.  How is this possible? Smart LED light bulbs connect to your device through a WiFi connection or Bluetooth. This allows you to make lighting changes quickly, easily, and even automatically.


When you first set up your WiFi smart lights, you will most likely plug a lighting hub into your wireless internet router. This hub will allow you to control the smart lights over your usual WiFi network. Advanced smart lighting technology also allows you to control your lights from any internet connection–whether it’s your home network or not. Think of it as a smart WiFi light switch!


Bluetooth-enabled smart lights connect with your phone via Bluetooth straight from the box. Using an app, you connect with the light bulbs via bluetooth the same way you would connect to a wireless speaker or to your car stereo. If you want to control your lights beyond the Bluetooth range, you can purchase a bridge to extend the reach, or connect to a smart home device. 

Customize Your Lighting with Smart Light Bulbs

walk-in closet with drawers and shelf

Change Temperature/Color

Don’t want to choose between bright, sunny bulbs and warm, cozy ones? With smart light bulbs, you don’t have to.  Smart lights allow you to adjust the color of each individual light, or a whole group of lights. This means you can switch it up—light and airy during the day, toned down and cozy for movie night, or even colorful and festive for a party. 

white cabinet kitchen in newly constructed luxury home

Save on Energy Costs

The best way to save on energy costs, apart from switching from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, is to simply turn off the lights when you are not using them. While this sounds easy enough, we’ve all woken up to find the kitchen light was left on all night, or returned from a long day at work to a bedroom light glowing bright. With smart LED light bulbs, you can significantly cut back your energy bill with automated lighting and smart lighting apps. 

living room interior design

Control with Smartphone or App

For example, the TCP SmartStuff app allows you to control your lighting from the palm of your hand. With the SmartStuff app, you can group lights, schedule your lighting, manage over 100 SmartStuff lights, and sync with your smart home device.  With app-controlled lighting, it is easier than ever to perfect your lighting scheme, saving effort and energy in the process.

facade of home with manicured lawn, and backdrop of trees and dark blue sky

Increase Security with Motion Detectors

Smart LED light bulbs can better protect your family’s safety with motion detection technology. You can program outdoor lights to turn on when they detect motion, and even receive a notification when this occurs.  In addition to increased security, motion sensing lights make it easy and safe to navigate your home at night. This is especially great for small children or guests who may wander to the bathroom at night. 

A modern room in the Scandinavian style - a bed, a desk, an armchair, curtains, a contemporary bedroom and workplace decor.

Control Your Smart Light Bulbs From Anywhere

Tired of breaking concentration to adjust the lighting in your home office? Worried you forgot to turn the hall light off downstairs before you went to bed?  With smart home lighting, you don’t have to get up to make the lighting adjustments you need. Just open up your app and press a button, then get back to whatever you’re focused on—your work, settling into bed, or spending time with your family.

SmartStuff Smart LED Lighting from TCP

Ready to simplify your lighting by upgrading to a smart lighting system? The lighting experts at TCP will help you create a home lighting design that you’ll love with TCP SmartStuff. SmartStuff products connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you can use them with our SmartStuff app, as well as with smart home devices. With SmartStuff, you can control over 100 lights on one network. From the SmartStuff app, you can group and schedule your lights, making quality lighting hands-off for your family. TCP’s high quality LED lights will save you money on your energy bill. Plus, LED lights last significantly longer than incandescent lights, so you can say goodbye to maintenance hassles.  When your lighting is just right, you can feel the difference. Looking to upgrade? Contact TCP today to learn more about our SmartStuff and how we can help you take your lighting above and beyond!

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