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The most natural, sun-like light bulb on the market

TCP’s SOListic LED light bulbs use an advanced LED chip to produce light that mimics natural sunlight. Through cutting-edge LED technology, SOListic products provide bright, quality light without the harsh spikes in blue light often found in other LED light sources.

By closely mimicking natural sunlight, SOListic bulbs give off natural-looking light, allowing true colors to shine. SOListic LED lights provide increased and improved visual comfort, focus, mood, and cognitive performance

Natural Healthy LED Light

Advanced LED chip mimics natural sunlight
Reduces blue light exposure
High color rendering index (CRI) for vibrant, true-to-life colors
Long-lasting bulbs and low energy usage for fewer replacements and lower bills
Healthy, natural LED light improves mood, performance, and comfort

Reduce Blue Light Exposure for Better Health

SOListic products create a healthier and more comfortable environment in your home, office, hospital, or school building. Sunlight-mimicking light keeps everyone feeling alert, focused, healthy, and happy.

Blue light has always been around—in fact, sunlight is our main source of blue light, which is why our bodies know to stay awake during the day. However, between computer screens, phone screens, and LED lights, modern life exposes us to more blue light than ever.

This over-exposure to blue light can cause problems with our well-being. While some blue light—like sunlight—is healthy for keeping us alert and awake during the day, too much can disrupt our natural sleep rhythm. Too much blue light can also cause eye strain, decrease focus, and increase risk for depression.

  • Boost mood and reduce eye strain with LEDs that mimic sunlight
  • Let true colors shine with bright, quality light
  • Save on your energy bills with energy efficient LED lighting

Advanced LED Technology from TCP

SOListic products feature an advanced, cutting edge LED chip to mimic the characteristics of natural sunlight. Where typical LEDs produce a spike of blue light, SOListic bulbs produce light that covers the full color spectrum evenly.

This innovative technology makes SOListic bulbs the most natural, sun-like bulb on the market. Sunlight is the healthiest form of light—SOListic helps you bring it indoors.

Making the switch to SOListic bulbs means reducing your blue light exposure for improved focus, comfort, and overall well-being.

  • Innovative LED chip avoids blue light spike found in typical LEDs
  • The most natural, sun-like bulb on the market
  • Bright, even light promotes health and well-being

TCP Offers a Total, End-to-End Commercial Lighting Solution.

The lighting experts at TCP can work with you on a home lighting design that you’ll love. Using SmartStuff devices and advanced LED technology, you can lower your energy bill and enjoy beautiful lighting every single day.

Reach out to TCP today for more information on lighting design, custom lighting fixtures, and TCP SmartStuff devices.

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