7 Good Reasons to Choose TCP Direct Troffers


If you don’t work in the lighting industry, chances are, you may have never heard the word troffer.

Allow us to explain.

For the uninitiated, a troffer is a rectangular or square light fixture that typically fits into a modular dropped ceiling grid, or, more simply put, a recessed ceiling.

Cost and Energy Savings & Rebate Potential

Historically, troffer fixtures have been designed to accommodate standard fluorescent lamps like T5, T8 or T12 bulbs. Now, they are available in LED versions. TCP LED Direct Troffer Luminaires are an alternative you should consider, compared to other linear fluorescent troffers.  That’s because they can provide both cost and energy savings. In addition, they also provide potential rebate eligibility for businesses.

Long Operating Life Means Less Frequent Replacement

For example, switching to LED Troffer Luminaires can save you between 50 and 80 percent on your consumption of electricity in a commercial building. Another benefit is that LED Troffers have a longer operating life than conventional fluorescent troffers.  Therefore, they do not need to be replaced as often and business owners can take advantage of labor savings in addition to costs associated with maintaining the fixture.

TCP’s Direct Troffer Luminaires feature back-lit technology with a slim, low-profile, beautiful full panel diffusion and superior light uniformity.

New technology allows a versatility in lighting design with the use of both Back-Lit and Edge-Lit Panels.  Both types of these LED flat panels can offer a multitude of solutions to solve a wide assortment of lighting problems.

Both Back-Lit and Edge-Lit panels use advanced LED chip technologies. The main difference is that a Back-Lit fixture is illuminated by a light source that is located at the back of the panel. For this reason, the Back-Lit panels are a bit thicker, usually around 3-4″ but offer a wider assortment of variety.  Edge-Lit panels, on the other hand, produce light from the sides of the panel that is then transferred through a light guide to have full diffusion in the center of the panel. This allows them to be much thinner, around a half-inch thick, but can create technical challenges when creating an ideal ambiance.

More Light on the Space Being Lit and High CRI

Since LED’s distribute light differently, they provide a more even foot candle on the space being lit. Additionally, LED troffers are available in a wide range of correlated color temperatures (CCT’s), which provides the ability to select a specific aesthetic look for a given space. A high color rendering index (CRI), ensures that anyone working under the LED lighting can easily see what they are working on.

They’re Dimmable, Too

Another benefit of LED troffers is the ability of the fixtures to dim. This means users are now able to change the operating conditions after their LED retrofit, and adapt to the usage needs of individual rooms or spaces quickly, without compromising the functionality of the LED lights themselves.  Back-Lit panels are slightly more energy efficient. They are also a bit less expensive per unit.

TCP Direct Troffer Luminaires are perfect for school buildings, offices, retail locations, healthcare facilities and places with T-grid and commercial ceilings. Both 2X2 and 2X4 options are available to meet your specific needs.

Want to check them out for yourself? Please do!


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