Grocery Lighting

Create an Experience With Product Designed for Your Market

The Perfect Color Temperature for Grocery Lighting Projects

In order for you to have appetizing supermarket lighting, produce and meats need to intensify in color. Food shines the best in TCP’s 3500K LEDs. The light is bright enough for the mature eye to see at lower shelf levels, and the light is warm enough to create a feeling of comfort. The 3500K makes breads and tomatoes looks warm, but keeps greens looking green. Our 3500K line is available in high lumen options. 

TCP provides quality lighting products to supermarkets. We control every aspect of the production process to ensure you get quality components within your supermarket lighting products. We design to meet the needs for your market. You’ll not only get energy savings and longer bulb life, but you’ll also get an improved look and feel within your store. 



Popular Supermarket Lighting Products: