Commercial & Industrial Light Bulbs

Commercial & Industrial Light Bulbs

Because of TCP's cutting edge technology and deep lighting system expertise, we have shipped literally billions of high quality, energy efficient commercial and industrial light bulbs. Our integrated technology and manufacturing provides expedited time-to-market, so it's no wonder we're able to ship billions.

Energy Efficient Commercial Light Bulbs

commercial and industrial light bulbs in use

 LED lighting solutions are being adopted in retail, office, hospitality, school and assisted living. Building owners want to save money and improve the look and feel of their facility. TCP's commercial light bulbs can illuminate your commercial lighting space like no other manufacturer. We provide quality and combine it with superior service. 

Energy Efficient Industrial Light Bulbs

With TCP's industrial light bulbs, you'll be able to improve projects in warehouse lighting, manufacturing lighting, distribution center lighting and storage lighting. You'll be able to enhance the productivity of workers and improve visibility within the facility to help keep them safe.