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What to Know About Lighting Utility Rebates


What is a Utility Program?

Utilities set annual energy savings goals that help offset the cost of new power plants and expanding their current infrastructure. These goals can be set by the utilities governing bodies or the utilities themselves. Lighting rebates offer a win-win solution for businesses, consumers and utilities to help offset costs of new buildings and keep money in your pocket.

However, utility rebates can be very complex because every type of rebate has its own incentives, goals and procedures. Not one utility rebate is the same. That's why we offer lighting utility rebates support. If you're looking to simplify the process, email one of the members of TCP's utility rebate support department. We're here to support you. 

TCP is a leader in the utility rebate industry and manages the majority of the process for you. We partner with utilities in every state to help drive adoption of energy efficient lighting. TCP offers a wide array of LED and CFL ENERGY STAR rated products that are available for lighting rebates today. 

Utility Promotion Explanations - Business and Consumer

  1. Retailer Mark-Down - Utility rebates are applied to the normal price of a retailer’s product. This entitles the customer to an instant rebate on select items.
  2. Buy Down - Utility rebates are applied to the cost of approved items to a retailer or commercial partner.
  3. Prescriptive Rebates - Prescriptive rebates provide a specific predetermined dollar amount for each fixture replaced.
  4. Custom Rebates - Custom rebates are based on the total energy savings for a specific project and are intended to provide rebates for approved fixtures not covered by a prescriptive program. Incentives vary by location and customer type.
  5. Market Lift Promotions - Market lift promotions provide utilities a platform to capture the power of their retailer partners eliminate the need for buy-downs and yet still allow a utility sponsor to claim credit for bulb sales. This program design sets sales targets for the retailer’s efficient lighting sales and rewards them for achieving them.
  6. Coupon Promotions - The instant coupon operates similar to a markdown but has a controlled number of units that can be purchased within a specific time frame, due to the limitation of coupons being printed.

TCP Lighting Rebate Solutions Support:

Have a question about how utility rebates can work for your business? Talk to one of our utility experts by email at, or fill out the form above. 

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