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Florida Power & Light TechSmart 2023


TCP Anew full spectrum bulbs eliminate the blue peak found in other LED lighting sources. Not only that, but they offer perfect, smooth dimming and cover the entire visible light spectrum. Enjoy instant energy savings with Anew as they use less energy than other LED bulbs to deliver the same light output! 

Whole Home Bulb

Our Whole Home Lamps are Bluetooth Signal Mesh based lamps. Use these color selectable smart bulbs in place of traditional lamps and configure through the TCP SmartStuff App on any Android or Apple Smart device! Through the TCP SmartStuff App, the lamps can be directly controlled or programmed to function automatically through a variety of control schemes.

A Lamps

Enjoy an added layer of elegance to any space without all the fuss. Use our Accents panel lenses for new lighting or to retrofit flat panels that are already installed.

High Lumen LED Filament Lamps

With a lightweight, easy-to-install design and over 75% energy savings compared to traditional HID metal halide lamps, they’re an ideal choice for large spaces that require a lot of lumens.

Select Series LED General Purpose Strips

These wattage and color selectable LED luminaires significantly reduce energy consumption compared to fluorescent systems, providing instant energy savings and potential utility rebates where available.

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