TCP Joins EPA in Brightening a Life with ENERGY STAR®, a Campaign that Brings Together Community Service and Energy Efficiency

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TCP Joins EPA in Brightening a Life with ENERGY STAR®, a Campaign that Brings Together Community Service and Energy Efficiency

Oct 14, 2016

Aurora, OH – October 14, 2016 – As part of the ENERGY STAR Change the World Tour taking place this October, Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP), a leader in energy efficient lighting solutions, is partnering with Walmart and utilities across the country to Brighten a Life with ENERGY STAR LED light bulbs. Forty-five educational events will be held in the month of October at select Walmart locations to educate people on the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs as a part of the ENERGY STAR Brighten a Life Campaign.

“We want to do our part to make lives better in our community here in portage county Ohio and globally,” said Lesley Matt, Director of Marketing for TCP. “Everyone who uses an ENERGY STAR certified LED is making a real difference in protecting the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and this month, they are also helping brighten the lives of those in need in their communities. We are excited to partner with so many communities to promote energy efficient lighting technology.”

With prices dropping rapidly across the country, LED lighting is becoming a real option for Americans at every economic level. The 2016 Tour highlights the energy-saving potential of LED lighting, and educates Americans on the importance of looking for the ENERGY STAR mark. Only products that have earned the ENERGY STAR are independently certified to deliver the efficiency and performance you expect from this exciting new technology. ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs use up to 90 percent less energy than standard bulbs, and last 15 to 25 times longer. A single bulb can save over $55 in electricity costs over its lifetime and last over 12 years with typical use.

Even with all the new choices, it’s still simple: look for the ENERGY STAR for energy savings. “Everyone can join us in brightening a life with ENERGY STAR,” said Ann Bailey, Chief, ENERGY STAR Labeling Branch, EPA. “Each purchase of an ENERGY STAR certified LED bulb saves you money and makes a difference for the planet, but this October it can also improve the life of someone in need.”

Go to https://www.tcpi.com/consumer/brighten-a-life to find an event near you.

Learn more about the Change the World Tour here: http://energystar.gov/BrightenALife

To learn more about the energy efficient lighting solutions TCP can provide visit www.tcpi.com.

About TCP
Founded in 1993 with its North America headquarters in Aurora, Ohio, Technical Consumer Products, Inc., a subsidiary of TCP International Holdings, Ltd. (NYSE: TCPI), is a leader in energy efficient lighting innovations. TCP’s extensive product offerings include LED and CFL lamps and fixtures, internet-based lighting control solutions and other energy efficient lighting products. TCP is a proud ENERGY STAR® partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. For more information, visit www.tcpi.com.

ENERGY STAR® is the simple choice for energy efficiency. For more than 20 years, people across America have looked to EPA’s ENERGY STAR program for guidance on how to save energy, save money, and protect the environment. Behind each blue label is a product, building, or home that is independently certified to use less energy and cause fewer of the emissions that contribute to climate change. Today, ENERGY STAR is the most widely recognized symbol for energy efficiency in the world, helping families and businesses save $362 billion on utility bills, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2.4 billion metric tons since 1992. Join the millions who are already making a difference at energystar.gov.

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