SmartStuff SmartBox + Panel Sensor

The SmartBox + Panel Sensor is a Bluetooth® Signal Mesh based lighting control device. Once connected to a luminaire, the SmartBox + Panel Sensor provides Motion and Bi-Level Controls and can be paired with other TCP SmartStuff devices. The Panel Sensor incorporates both a microwave or a PIR sensor to detect motion and a daylight sensor to measure the ambient light in the area. The SmartBox + Panel Sensor is compatible with any luminaire with 0-10V dim to off drivers/ballast and can be configured through the TCP SmartStuff App on any AndroidTM or Apple® Smart devices.

Ideal Applications:

  • Flat Panels
  • Troffers
  • General Purpose Strips

Reasons to choose TCP SmartBox Lighting Controls:

  • TCP Bluetooth Signal Mesh allows for over 100 TCP SmartStuff devices on one network.
  • Used to control lighting luminaires with 0-10V dim to off drivers/ballast.
  • Able to create scenes, schedules, and group TCP SmartStuff devices together.
  • Control luminaries with Motion and Bi-Level Controls.
  • Pair with the TCP SmartStuff Remote for greater control and flexibility.
  • Easy to install and setup through the TCP SmartStuff App.
  • All TCP SmartStuff products' firmware can be updated through the SmartStuff App to enhance their capabilities and fix potential issues.



Additional information

Input Voltage

120-277VAC @ 15mA

Input Line Frequency (Hz)


Maximum Power


Radio Protocol

Bluetooth Signal Mesh

Output Voltage


Minimum Start Temperature

Maximum Operating Temperature



80% RH

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