LED HID T-Shapes

 TCP’s LED T-shape HID replacements are changing the LED game for HID replacement lamps. Unlike traditional HID and LED “Corn Cob” solutions, the TCP LED T-shapes are directional and deliver maximum lumens on the floor. The plastic lens helps to minimize glare and increase overall lamp performance. 

Color Temperature Preview

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Rated Life50,000 hours
Warranty5 Years
Lumens3750, 5850, 9900, 13600
Wattage25, 40, 65, 90
Color Temperature4000K, 5000K
Base TypeE26
Voltage120 THRU 277


LHID10040, LHID10050, LHID15040, LHID15050, LHID17540, LHID17550, LHID25040, LHID25050