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Complete commercial lighting from layout to luminaires
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Light All™ by TCP

Complete Commercial Lighting Solutions for industrial, warehousing, facility, office, retail, healthcare, and classroom applications.

TCP Offers a Total, End-to-End Commercial Lighting Solution.

Simplify your lighting project with TCP. We work with customers from start-to-finish to bring their lighting ideas to life – from design consultation and sourcing the right bulbs and fixtures, to capitalizing on rebates, expert installation and post-installation follow up.

Need a custom lighting solution? No problem. TCP also offers expertise in lighting design and prototyping. And, because we manufacture and supply lighting, we offer unparalleled creative solutions and the cost savings of vendor consolidation.

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About Light All - Why Choose TCP


TCP Helps You Choose the Best Lighting

At TCP, we know light. We manufacture lighting for spaces in retail, hospitality, warehousing, business, healthcare, education and residential. We can provide you with the sector guidance you need to make the best choice for each space, given your business needs and project constraints.


TCP is your lighting manufacturer and supplier

TCP is both your lighting manufacturer and supplier. This integration grants you total quality control, all while cutting down on vendors to manage. TCP takes our comprehensive solutions promise seriously by managing your product orders from design to install. You can be sure exact specs and on-time delivery requirements are met.

Lighting Solutions from TCP Eliminates Multi-Vendor Management

With TCP, you save time and money by simplifying contracts and reducing vendor management. As both a manufacturer and supplier, we ensure you receive the quality lighting your project requires while reducing vendors to one.

TCP shows up for work

TCP experts work with all onsite installation teams and management to ensure your lighting project results exactly as you imagined. TCP’s presence helps to catch problems before they happen.

See it for real – TCP creates prototype showrooms

Seeing is believing. With your specific business goals in mind, TCP can create prototype showrooms and light mockups to compare our products and see our lighting solutions in-action. Our showrooms lead you to smart questions about your intended application, helping you to discover time and cost saving solutions.

TCP manages rebates, coupons and other offers

TCP helps clients identify utility reimbursement incentives before lighting projects start, ensuring the best ROI possible. Additionally, TCP manages the rebate process for you. We partner with utilities in every state to encourage adoption of energy-efficient light, plus we offer a wide array of LED and CFL ENERGY STAR rated products that are available for lighting rebates today.

TCP follows up for the important after-project assessments

Six months to a year after an installation is completed is when important adjustments are needed. TCP recognizes this reality and will follow up six months after completion to ensure that you are still satisfied. TCP is always available to discuss and clarify your warranties, future projects, and any lighting solutions.

Custom Manufacturing

Light All includes manufacturing capabilities seamlessly integrated into our complete consultation and installation services. Just think what a difference it makes to the style, function and performance of your space when you can choose your own:

Unique Bulb Shapes

Original Features


Custom Colors

Even Your Own Plug & Play System

Only Light All offers start-to-finish solutions from your own dedicated engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing team – from prototype to installation.

Our manufacturing capabilities make your dream designs into reality  – with custom lighting and fixtures for in warehouses, showrooms, retail and restaurant settings, offices and other commercial settings.

Want to control color and brightness? We’ll create the bulbs, fixtures and systems to match your specifications and demands.

Want to eliminate shadows and glare? We’ll start with prototypes, test them and complete the products that empower you to create the exact atmosphere to differentiate your facility from all others.

As a lighting manufacturer, TCP produces CFL and LED ENERGY STAR rated lamps, along with DesignLights Consortium rated fixtures. Light All designers specialize LED driver designs and patents, earning top product and supplier awards.

TCP Lighting Applications

TCP partners with you – distributors, architects, engineers, designers, facility and operations managers, contractors – to simplify your project, keep it within budget and high quality. And because we’re a vertically integrated lighting manufacturer we offer more choices and, partnering with us allows you to reduce lighting vendor management.

Chances are we have a lighting solution perfect for your project. But, in the instance we dont—or there simply isn’t a light out there that fits your need—we can make it. TCP offers complete custom light manufacturing and prototyping services.

Professional Office Lighting

Professional Office

TCP provides a wide selection of LED panel lights, LED downlights, strip lighting, track lighting, bay lighting and linear lighting—all with our single-vendor advantage and unbeatable warranties.

Warehouse Lighting


TCP offers complete solutions for industrial lighting and warehouse lighting needs. Plus, because of our extensive knowledge of utility incentives, we can help you save money through rebates and coupons offered in your area.

Institutional Lighting


TCP creates lighting for government, healthcare, educational and commercial institutions across the world. We offer a wide array of ready to install lights and bulbs, as well as custom solutions made to your exact specification for your intended application.

Warehouse Lighting

Bay Lighting

High-quality lighting in warehouses and large indoor spaces can prevent costly mistakes, correct visibility problems and lead to increased efficiency. TCP offers LED, CFL, LED HID, and linear bay lighting. TCP Also offers low bay, round bay, and more—and does it for less.

Institutional Lighting


TCP LED lighting is rated to perform for 50,000 hours and is covered by 5-year warranties—standard. Still unsure? TCP creates prototype showrooms and light mockups to compare products and see our lighting solutions in-action.

Professional Office Lighting

Retro-Fit Kits

TCP offers an impressive lineup of LED retrofit solutions and LEED certified products. Additionally, our team will help you choose the best total lifetime cost solution for your project, then show up on site to ensure they’re installed correctly, and all rebates are capitalized on.

New Home Construction Lighting

New Construction

TCP provides design planning and on-site installation management of lighting systems for new construction projects. TCP also follows up at 6 months after completion to ensure your new construction lighting is performing as intended, issue free.

Retail Lighting


TCP offers a highly efficient, custom and ready-made retail lighting solutions. Our LED lights last for 50,000 hours—standard—and come with 5-year warranties.

Retail Lighting


TCP provides ready-made and custom bright, clean lighting with accurate color to help professionals treat patients. Request a prototype showroom to see our lights in action.

Hospitality Lighting


TCP knows that lighting isn’t just about efficiency only. Lighting creates the mood you want your guests to experience. From lobbies to hallways, conference rooms to lounges, facades to landscaping—TCP Lighting has the solution.

Price Your Project

Simplify your lighting project with TCP. We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life. Whether you know exactly what products you need or are looking for expert advice to create a lighting plan for your space – TCP can help.

Need a custom lighting solution? No problem. TCP also offers experience in lighting design and prototyping. And because we are a vertically integrated manufacturer, we offer unparalleled creative solutions and the cost savings.

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