Custom Light Bulb Prototyping and Design

Custom lighting is the most dynamic and head-turning way to turn your space from ordinary to exceptional.

Excellent lighting is a wise investment for any space—it sets the mood for the room, creating efficiency or relaxation, focus or rest. When you walk into a room that is properly lit, you can feel the difference.

However, shelves at big box stores only have so many options to offer. You may be left wanting more—that’s where custom lighting design and prototyping come into play.

At TCP, we can design a lighting prototype that lets you see exactly how a custom light fixture, bulb, or layout will work in your space. Then, we make your vision a reality, from design to manufacturing to the moment it’s shipped to you. We’ll even help you install, and follow up to make sure you love your custom lights meet your needs.

Why Choose Custom Light Bulbs?

Custom lighting is the most dynamic and head-turning way to turn your space from ordinary to exceptional.

Every space is unique in its proportions, style, and lighting needs, so why not design an equally unique lighting scheme to match? Custom light fixtures, color temperatures, and bulb shapes are all the kind of small details that pack a big punch.

For example: imagine a chandelier fitted with standard incandescent bulbs. The fixture is probably nice enough, but nothing new. TCP can create energy efficient LED light bulbs just for your chandelier. We will design them with perfect proportions to your fixture, as well as a custom color temperature appropriate for the room.

Replace the not-so-exciting standard bulbs with the custom LED light bulbs, and now your chandelier is a head-turning feature. Not to mention a valuable asset—LED bulbs significantly outlast incandescent bulbs, meaning your custom investment will impress for years to come.

And remember, a chandelier is just one fixture. TCP can not only work with you to prototype your lights, but also design an entire lighting scheme to ensure that your custom lighting is cohesive, functional, and stunning throughout your entire project.

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Experts in Light Bulb Design

At TCP, we pride ourselves on our high level of expertise in all things lighting. We’re more than just light bulb manufacturers—we control every step along the road for our light bulbs, from design, to development, to manufacturing, and then to distribution. This attention to detail and level of control means that every bulb we create is assured for top quality.


When you partner with TCP for your custom light bulb design, you partner with a light bulb specialist who is committed to making your lighting energy efficient, budget-friendly, and aesthetically excellent.


With more than twenty years of lighting experience, top supplier awards, and recognition from Energy Star and the Design Light Consortium, TCP is a trusted source for all things lighting.


We have designed custom lighting solutions for many international companies spanning a variety of industries, from restaurants and hotels to offices and more.


When designing a custom light bulb or an entire custom lighting design plan, we consider color temperature, custom fitting, and appealing aesthetics to deliver your perfect bulb.

Customized LED Lights

Investing in quality LED lighting is the best way to get the most from your custom lighting scheme. The return on investment rate for LED lighting is strong. From extremely low energy usage to a long lifespan, LED light bulbs are a wise choice for anyone looking to save money on their energy bill and help the environment.

At TCP, we are experts in energy-efficient LED lighting, offering many Energy Star rated bulbs. We know how to make highly efficient bulbs, and we know how to make them look great. When you design custom LED bulbs with TCP, you won’t have to sacrifice a thing to have exactly the lighting you want.

Custom LED Light Bulbs from TCP

We know that the right lighting can make or break a room. Making do with lighting that is not quite right can make an entire room feel off. On the other hand, lighting that is custom-fitted to its space lends a unity and effortless polish to a space.

TCP is here to provide you with custom lighting prototypes to help you narrow down your perfect fit. Try it out, experiment, then come to us with more ideas. We’re ready to take on your lighting challenge.

When your custom lighting project with TCP is finished, you will be stunned at the difference custom lighting design can make.

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