Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience to help shape the high quality, professionalism and new innovation that goes into our products, services and work climate. Our goal is to inspire character, growth and opportunity in all of our employees, and satisfaction in all of our customers.
Ellis Yan

Ellis Yan


Ellis Yan has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the merged organization since it’s inception in 2018. Prior to that he has served as the President of Business Development for QLS and from 1993 until 2016 was President and Chief Executive Officer of TCP.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Cleveland State University and received an Honorary Doctor of Business Administration degree from Cleveland State University.

In 1989, Mr. Yan, together with his brother Solomon Yan, began developing, manufacturing and assembling lighting products in China.

From November 2009 until October 2011, he served on the board of directors of GreenFieldSolar Corp., a company in the solar energy field making high intensity photovoltaic concentrator systems.

Tom Keaty


Tom joined TCP in 2018 as the Chief Financial Officer. Prior to TCP Tom had held senior financial leadership positions at Philips Healthcare.

Tom holds an MBA from Lake Erie College.

Lesley Matt

Lesley Matt

Senior Vice President

Lesley joined TCP in 2010 and has been working her way up the rank holding a variety of marketing and management positions.  Prior to TCP, Lesley has held positions in different advertising agency and manufacturing settings to help meet the needs of internal and external customers.

For TCP Lesley has been most successful at creating and implementing a dynamic marketing plan that meets the company’s long-term strategic market share efforts in addition to short-term sales goals. In addition, she effectively works with international product development and sales teams to ensure successful new product launches, promotions and programs across multiple lines of business.

Lesley earned her Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Akron.

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