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Classroom Lighting by TCP

TCP offers a total, end-to-end commercial lighting solution.

TCP understands sourcing and installing the right commercial lighting from start to finish. That’s why, from the first design consultation to the post-project follow-up, we’re there offering our expertise, helping you capitalize on efficiency rebates, and ensuring your commercial lighting project turns on.

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TCP Knows Classroom Lighting

While fluorescent classroom lighting is often is the cause of headaches and, when they flicker, annoying distraction, LED classroom lighting offers many benefits to the classroom experience. LED classroom lighting from TCP can be set up to let teachers adjust the color and tone and establish pleasant settings. For instance, by adjusting color and tone, teachers can use lighting to encourage calmness and reading. By dimming lights in front of the room, the teacher optimize the setting for SMART board use. And dimming lights in the back is good for classroom presentations.

Contact TCP for advice on what to buy to achieve these effects in your classrooms and learn more about our lighting for education.

Educational Lighting

Educational Lighting

TCP lighting offers the newest innovations in LED lighting that can improve study conditions and contribute to the safety of schools – all while lowering operating costs and maintenance. Compare to the lifespan of fluorescent lighting, and you’ll love that TCP LED lighting is rated to perform for 50,000 hours and is covered by 5-year warranties. That said, your investment pays for itself often under a year. See our wide selection of lighting designed to perform well in education settings – and use our cool online slider to select the desired color temperature and see the diversity of lighting results you can get from just one TCP LED bulb, lamp and tube.
Led Lights in Home Study

Campus Lighting

When TCP talks about campus lighting, it’s way more than just illuminating the school’s property. TCP’s consulting and vast array of indoor/outdoor lighting provides schools with tools they need to meet many initiatives, such as:

  • Creating an inviting, aesthetically beautiful experience on the campus – inside and out.
  • Meeting sustainability goals by installing LED technology in all or as many buildings as possible – reducing carbon emissions, lowering energy costs and reducing waste.
  • Smart controls – setting sensors to turn off or dim lights in rooms that may be unoccupied or may already be filled with natural light – will contribute to cost savings.
  • LED lighting from TCP lasts longer and can reduce energy costs used for lighting by 30% – 50% and 10% – 20%  for cooling.
College Campus Lighting

Productivity Lighting

A recent study* reports how lighting helps improve students’ classroom performance. The study involved two 4th-grade classrooms. The first was equipped with LED lights that could be tuned to CCTs (Color Correlated Temperatures) range from warm (yellowish light) to cool (bluish, like natural daylight). The second classroom had standard fluorescent lighting and served as a control group. The results? The students in the first LED-lit classroom scored higher on math exams. Plus, they had the ability to adjust lighting to accommodate playtime activities and adjust for calm, quiet reading.

This study confirms countless other observations on the benefits of LED lighting for students – that LED lighting enhances and improves student productivity. Flickering fluorescent lighting can distract and even cause headaches. Too much light can cause squinting, blinking, looking away and reduce visual performance. LED fixtures do not flicker when they are fully dimmed, which is a huge benefit for special education classrooms. Discover even more ways LED lighting from TCP can help and protect students.

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