Retail Lighting

Create an Experience With Product Designed for Your Market

The CRI That Makes Your Products Pop

TCP’s dimmable LED PAR lights create the kind of comfort and efficiency you’re looking for in your retail shopping facility. Our cooler color temperatures will make your jewelry sparkle with high lumen output at 90 plus CRI. Get the intensity you need to make your merchandise pop with TCP’s quality retail lighting products.

With a single LED chip and optic design, you’ll get a clean and uniform beam pattern, so your products are placed in a good light. At TCP, we know that the quality of LED components and the way they are combined within the lamp make a difference in the light output. If a lamp’s design overdrives the chip, it will have a shorter life and vice versa. 

We want to help you create a superb experience for your customers. Decisions are usually made in the dressing rooms and checkout lines within a store; therefore, TCP wants to help you strategically light those important places to help customers make purchases. 


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