Lighting for Home Construction

Create an Experience With Product Designed for Your Market

Lighting that Creates Style and Comfort

Builders don’t always think about lighting because it’s one of the last things on the list when creating a home. However, to get a home built for comfort and style, you need to look at TCP’s home building lighting products. Have artwork lit just right with our quality MR16 lamps and have kitchens beautifully lit with our deco lamps. After all, quality lighting can affect your reputation, and it will help you to sell more when put into show homes. 

TCP’s components are strategically placed within the lamps, so you’ll be able to create that experience you hoped for by having quality lighting products. Get a cleaner and minimalist look in those specific areas of the home you’re building, because our LEDs provide excellent color rendering, bringing out the best in art and décor. 

You’ll also provide your home owners with the opportunity to save money on energy and maintenance. LED lamps can last 50,000 hours or longer than traditional lamps. 


Popular Home Building Lighting Products: