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Rainbow Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

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Simplifying Utility Rebates

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Get a step-by-step approach to simplifying the process to maximize your savings.

  • When to start looking at utility rebates
  • A look at your lighting technology
  • The process for selecting your utility rebate

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Are you a chancer? Then don't waste your time looking for that pot of gold, and read how you can use our roundup of rainbow recipes this St. Patrick's Day. Grab your lucky shamrock and step into our Irish pub to get the perfect recipe for your lighting layout. We have lighting recipes for hospitality, retail, housing, senior living, restaurant and grocery. Get the luck o' the Irish by getting our Holy Grail of drinks. After all, lighting is more than filling a socket. It's about an experience!

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Quality Lighting Generates Revenue and Supports the Bottom Line

roi led white paperWith major advances in LED technology, it's no wonder these lamps are offering many benefits to architects and lighting designers. The initial investment sometimes doesn't seem as attractive, so people get hesitant to make the switch from incandescent and halogen. However, when looking a the long-term investment, you'll be amazed on how LED lighting can help bring organizational success - 

  • Creates intensity and uniformity
  • Enhances guest satisfaction and workforce engagement
  • Brings maintenance and energy savings

roi led white paper