Is GU24 Dead or Alive?

The GU24 - Wanted for Quality & Compliance

Is the GU24 Lamp Dead or Alive?

Shining the Light on GU24 Technology

Read how and where to determine if GU24s are a fit for your hotel lighting system.

  • Theft prevention
  • Industry standards
  • Look and feel of facility



Giddy up, partner! Are you one of those city slickers saying the GU24 lamp is dead because it's just not modern enough? Well, we're here to give you the ride of your life. Saddle up and see why the GU24 lamp is very much ALIVE, especially if you're in the hospitality market. If you're concerned about generating ROI and meeting industry standards while improving the look and feel of your facility, you should be on the hunt for the LED GU24 lamp. 

Go ahead and ask yourself if the GU24 is dead or alive again. We'll just show you who's buffaloed. Cowboy up, because we'll prove to you that it's still out there. Yee-haw!

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Concerned About Title 24?

Lighting technology is constantly evolving and energy efficient lamps are a must. LED GU24 lamps may be just what you're looking for with Title 24 compliance. 

However, legislation impacts the industry and changes lighting installs for hotels on many levels. Read what you should look for in your construction project, so you can be Title 24 compliant.