Virtual U.S. Patents Marking

TCP is a leading provider of lighting products and technology that can be found in its products and certain products offered by its commercial partners.

Virtual United States Patent Marking

This page is intended to serve as United States Patent Marking for Technical Consumer Products under 35 U.S.C. §287(a) from December 5, 2014 until this list is next revised.  Each list of patents applies to the identified product(s) regardless of product size, part number, light color, wattage, or package count, unless stated differently.  If you have any questions about this list, please contact Technical Consumer Products at 330-995-6111. 

All trademarks, whether registered or not, including the registered trademark TCP® and registered stylized trademarks denoted by *, are owned by Technical Consumer Products, Inc.


Product Line

Part #

U.S. Patent #

Exit Signs

TCP Part # 20710

# 5,726,535

T6 Circuline

TCP Part # 32040

# 6,869,205

TCP Springlamp™ ProductsAll 489 Series part numbers# 7,619,353

TCP MR16 Products All part numbers
# D674,960

TCP SpringLight™ Products  All 801 Series part numbers# 7,141,922

TCP TruDim® Products All Part Numbers# 8,754,583

TCP Connected* or Connected by TCP* Products
All Part Numbers U.S. Patents Pending 

Elite Series by TCP* and Elite Designer Series by TCP* All Par Lamps# D705,456
  U.S. Patents Pending

Filament LampsTCP Part # LED6A19FIL17K # 8,894,252
 # LED6G25FIL27K